Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TOURISTS SEEK BARGINS WHILST OVERSEAS PROPERTY OWNERS SEEK TO INCREASE THEIR DWINDLING RENTAL REVENUE LTD offers new cost effective ways for overseas property owners to reach those Tourists. LTD launches a brand new niche auction website for private holiday rentals this month. The site has been designed in direct response to what property owners and tourists really want.
Managing Director Keely Capel says ‘ was created in response to what overseas property owners weere telling us. Having conducted a number of informal research campaigns we found many of these owners are now looking for alternative and cost reducing ways in which to generate rental income’

With the recession having hit everyone hard, UK property investors are receiving little sympathy as they struggle to balance the increasing costs of maintaining their once dream investment in the sun with the decrease of return revenue. LTD also found that the weakened Pound, new legislation regarding private rentals and the lack of UK travelers going abroad this year, has left many a property owner unable to meet the repayments on their dream holiday homes.

In the boom times standard methods of marketing holiday properties would be through the creation of a personal website especially for the property, or subscribing to one or more of the many marketing websites that offer to take the property directly to the people who want to rent it. As quoted by one such owner ‘these sites are getting more and more expensive, one site I use has increased their price by over 10% this year’
Another goes on to say ‘ when I first joined a particular marketing site 3 years ago, I was on page two of the search, this year I’m on page 12. Who’s going to look through 12 pages if they find a property fitting their needs on page 3?’ This owner went on to say that they had found the number of bookings received from the site they use decrease drastically as a result.

In turn the UK tourist is finding their expendable incoming is not stretching as far and therefore is seeking out opportunities to make it go further. ‘Everyone likes to think they got a good deal’ says Linda Capel Director of ltd. ‘we’re offering them the chance to bid what they are prepared to pay for their ideal holiday accommodation’
The company was set up to help meet the needs of both parties, and bring something new and different to what is a growing industry in the UK. More and more tourists are becoming independent and are Internet savvy. With an increased number of people in the UK moving away from the packaged holiday and looking to make they trip more personal by having private accommodation.
was established in 2008 by Keely and Linda Capel, and is the UK’s first online auction for holiday property rentals. From their personal experience was created by a gap spotted in the market through involvement with foreign property owners who rent out their properties to holiday makers. However it has been seen first hand that a number of these owners end up with vacant weeks that they are unable to sell.
The niche website assists private holiday property owners with an alternative method of selling available holiday weeks. Ensuring additional revenue by providing a safe, convenient and easy to use site.
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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Keely Capel, please contact Linda at 01753 369502 or email [email protected]