Monday, 1 March 2010

How to pack for your holiday

Not so much an art more of a science, packing your suitcase your holidays can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire trip.

If you find yourself with piles of clothes all over the bedroom and have to sit on top of your suitcase and hope the zip doesnt break then these tips are here to help you.

Before you even open the wardrobe door, draw up a list of all the essentials that you need. These should include:
Sun creams, Sunglasses, Travel documents, cash, travellers cheques and credit cards and any medications you may have.

Then plan through what you intend doing whilst on your holiday and the types of clothes youll need. Think carefully and dont forget your underwear and toiletries!

Most people especially us women find that we end up taking far to much and return with items we never even took out of the suitcase/

As a general rule lay out all the items you wish to take, half it then half it again. This is the exact amount of clothing that you will actually use whilst away.

Always make ensure you take at least one sweater or light jacket and one pair of long trousers. Even thought the climate in the country you are visiting may be extremely warm it can still get cooler in the evenings.

Try and co-ordinate what you do take with at least two other items you pack, this way you can recycle items and get more use out of them.

2-3 swim suits or bikinis are more than enough for a 7 night break check if your accommodation provides beach towels, if they do this will allow you to leave yours at home, giving you valuable extra space.

Footwear should include 1 pair of flats (sandals or flip flops), 1 pair of evening high heels and a comfortable pair of shoes suitable for walking.

A large bag for daytime and the beach is always useful and a good item to use as hand luggage to give you extra carrying room and a smaller one can be easily tucked into a nook in your case for evenings.

If in doubt on any outfit, leave it out! Be realistic, the more you squeeze in, the more creased your clothes will get, and ironing is not something you want to do whilst on your holiday!