Monday, 19 April 2010

10 Great Excuses for Booking a Holiday Rental

Whether you are in need of a holiday, lacking a valid excuse to splash out on one, or need to convince others.

With our 10 great excuses you’ll be booked by the time you finish reading.

1.The Economy
- With all the doom and gloom in recent times, there couldn’t be a better reason to get holidaying. There are some great deals to be had on top class rental accommodation for a fraction of the price of a hotel.

2.The Weather - Ok, so the sun shone briefly and everyone rejoiced but it wasn’t really bikini weather really, was it? Holiday rentals are available world wide so whatever the time of year you can guarantee sunshine included somewhere!

3.The Great Escape- The boss is driving you mad! You mother wants to come and stay! Your stress level has just hit maximum overload! Whatever the reason escape the hassle of everyday life with the privacy of a home from home.

4.Join the elite - Tired of stating at photographs of the Rich and Famous lounging around private pools? Even the most indifferent of us get jealous. However you too can sip champagne in the hot tub. Luxury holiday rentals can be an inexpensive alternative to a costly spa break and many come packed with extra amenities included in the price.

5.Celebration - One ofthe great reasons to book a holiday rental! If you are celebrating that new job, your graduation, and anniversary or perhaps you want to pop the question to that special person. A holiday rental can make a luxury, personal or romantic experience one that will be remembered a lifetime.

6.Make them Jealous - Your co-workers or friends are all booked up for their annual summer holiday and are driving you mad, gloating. Turn it around by flaunting photos of the stunning house complete with Jacuzzi and sea views that you booked for just a snip of what they paid.

7.Kids - Whether you have them or not. A holiday rental can be a perfect solution. With your own private space and swimming pool you can escape the stares of others as you kids play around, or just escape others children who will be found around the local hotel pools.

8.Festivals - Festival junkies, forget camping in the mud without facilitates, forget paying over inflated festival season hotel prices. Book a holiday rental and stay local to the event with all the luxuries of being at home. Plus it’s cheaper!

9.Friend and Family – If Uncle Ted and his family normally accompany you or a group of you always go away together, accommodation can work out costly. However many holiday rentals sleep up to 8, 10 even 12 people and are an inexpensive option compared to hotels. You can also get great deals on adjoining properties or annexes, if you feel you need just a little more personal space.

10.You deserve it - Go on pamper yourself, you have worked hard all year, feared job security and spent hours slogging away in the gym! You may not have the budget for an exclusive hotel, but with a holiday rental you have 5* luxury at 3* prices

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