Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Europe starts to move again - If brieftly

The situation regarding the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues to affect Europe. However based on information from the UK Met Office this morning, part of Scottish airspace has been reopened.

Restrictions will remain in place over the rest of the UK airspace below 20,000ft, however overnight the CAA  has decided it will allow flights above the ash cloud to be permitted in the UK untill 19.00 (GMT).

The UK Met office has however warned that the situation is likely to change during the course of the day, and a further statement will be released at 15.00 (GMT)

All parties are working closely with the Government, airports and airlines, and airframe and aero engine manufacturers to get a better understanding of the effects of the ash cloud and to seek solutions.

A number of ferry operators are running coaches and allowing more foot passengers aboard in an attempt to help ease the situations, whilst Celebrity Cruise lines has delayed it inaugural celebrations of its newest ship to help.

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