Monday, 19 April 2010

The Latest update on the Volcanic Ash Confusion

With all UK flights still grounded, the team bring you the latest on the Iceland Volcano situation.

The latest update released by the UK Met office, is that the eruption from the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull  volcano in Iceland has weakened for the time being. Yet the weather patterns continue to blow the ash cloud towards the UK.

British Airways have stated no problems were found with their test flight in restricted airspace last night, however NATS (National Air Traffic Service) is still imposing a restriction until 0100 (GMT) Tuesday 20th April. A further update to this will be issued at 1600 (GMT) this afternoon.

With Thousands of Britons currently stranded across Europe, the UK Government has today announced the deployment of 3 Royal Navy Ships to Spain to help bring Brits home. Amongst them 220 members of the 3rd Rifles battalion who were stranded on their return from Afghanistan.

Across Europe questions are being asked as to how long this will go on for and  calls are being made for the situation to be "urgently assessed" as millions of pounds are being lost on a daily basis as these restrictions continue.

The BBC is providing Live Commentary on events as they happen. has already helped several families currently stranded in Spain and Portugal. If you are currently seeking accommodation whilst stranded please visit our homepage

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