Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Take off for most UK airports! - Volcanic Ash update

The CAA has announced that as of 22:00 (GMT) tonight they will begin to lift restrictions on UK airspace.

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has updated their statement on their landing page at 20:40 (GMT) to state they have received new instructions from the CAA.

The CAA has advised all airlines that it will be their responsibility to:

"conduct their own risk assessment and develop operational procedures to address any remaining risks;
put in place an intensive maintenance ash damage inspection before and after each flight; and report any ash related incidents to a reporting scheme run by the CAA."

It is hoped that flight schedules will return to normal in the coming days, whilst airlines in the meantime work to rescue stranded Brits abroad.

NATS are scheduled to release a further update at 22:00 (GMT) confirming more details.

A continuous news stream is currently being provided by sky news.

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