Monday, 17 May 2010

Enhance Your Golf Rentals

Would you like to increase your bookings and successful fill your calendar? If you own a holiday rental that is located close to or on a golf course, then why not consider adding some extra amenities to target those golfers. Not only will they appreciate the extra touches but it will help you to keep a full calendar of bookings.

Course Reviews
Compile a folder or book with professional reviews of golf courses surrounding your holiday rental. Make sure you include things like course type, number of holes, course difficulty any features it may have and the handicap requirement if any. You could even save this on your computer and email it to your guests in advance of their stay.

Special offers and booking discounts direct from the courses
Ask around your local courses and find out if they run any particular special offers or discounts. Explain you have a holiday rental in the local vicinity and that you would like to refer your guests to them. You will be surprised as to what some courses may offer.

Local booking agent contact information
If the courses cannot offer any incentive for booking direct, find a local booking agent. If your holiday rental is situated in a golf hot spot there are likely to be several. Again let them know you own a holiday rental and you are looking for somewhere to refer your guests for their golf reservations.

Golf Pro contact information
Where there are golf courses there are golf pro’s, while many guests wish to play for the enjoyment factor, there are a number who would like to improve their game and use their holiday time to focus on such activities. Hook yourself up with your local golf pro and provide your guests with his contact information.

An extra set of clubs
Although most golfers will bring their own clubs, airlines impose high premiums for carrying these discouraging many from wanting to travel with them. A set of clubs at the holiday rental is an added incentive to encourage guests to book, it could be there want to leave theirs at home or perhaps have members of their party who have not played before and do not own any. Purchasing clubs for your holiday rental doesn’t have to be expensive and do not need to be top of the range. They could be an old set you have upgraded from or an affordable set purchased from the local store.

Balls and Tees
Are always a handy extra to include as golfers can often run out and are a fairly inexpensive extra to add. Also think about including practice balls as your guests may want to take a few swings before visiting the course. They are a sure fire way to ensure your guests have a great time.

Golf buggy
Probably one of the most expensive items you could include in your amenities, but worth every penny if your holiday rental is situated on the golf course itself. You will quickly make your money back in the increased number of bookings you receive.

Driving net
If you have outdoor space to permit it, when not pick up a net from the local sports shop and place it out back for your guests to practice when off the course. Make sure you invest in a good quality net that is weather resistant and will hold up over the winter months.

Once you have selected the extra amenities to include in your holiday rental and kitted it out, make sure to include these on your holiday rental listings. Make them prominent and you will be guaranteed an increase in golf related bookings all year round.