Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Volcanic Ash update

Although Airspace over the UK remains open as currently report by NATS(National Air Traffic Services)other parts of Europe and Transatlantic flights are still affected.

Flights to Faro, Barcelona, Madrid have been cancelled as the cloud spreads across the Atlantic into Southern Europe, even as far up as the East of France.

Passengers flying from the USA or Caribbean are experience delays and extended flight times of up to 3 hours as airlines attempt to divert their courses around the cloud.

Although the majority of flights out of the UK are running to normal schedule airlines and airports are urging travellers to check before departing. Concerns have also been raised for anyone travelling to or from Tenerife or Madeira.

The Ash cloud that started on the 14th April, has already cost the airline industry an estimated £1 Billion and experts are predicting that the event could cause further disruption throughout the summer.

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