Monday, 14 June 2010

Top 10 Amenities for Beach Front Rentals.

If you own a holiday rental that is located on or near to the beach, you already know what you most unique selling point is. So how can you maximise its potential and guarantee bookings that will keep your calendar full and beat off the competition?

By adding a few special touches designed with a beach holiday in mind you can enhance your rental and increase you bookings whilst making sure your guests have an extra special time. Here are’s Top 10 Beach amenities:

1. Beach Towels
An ideal extra to add to any beach front rental, beach towels can be bulky to pack and take up valuable luggage allowance in a guest’s suitcase. By including then into your rental package you will definitely win the approval of new guests.

2. Wind Breaker
Easily purchased at any seaside convenience store and relevantly inexpensive, this item will be welcomed by guests when the winds are a little high. Giving them the freedom to enjoy the rental location without a mouthful of sand even when the wind blows.

3. Sun Umbrella
Another inexpensive item, a sun umbrella is a prefect beach accessory providing a restbite from the strong summer sun and offering shade preferred by families with young children and the elderly.

4. Inflatable’s
Who doesn’t like jumping around in the water on a lilo or rubber ring? Even if you do not want to invest in this yourself, encourage previous guests to leave their behind for others to continue to enjoy and use.

5. Beach Games
The beach is not just about lying there soaking in the sun, many people find they become bored quickly with nothing to do, so offer them a few extra toys like a beach volleyball or football, or a beach tennis set, this will give adults and kids endless hours of fun and while away what would otherwise be a boring afternoon.

6. Bucket and Spade
Any family with relatively young children will want a bucket and spade for them to build castles and dig pools with. By offering a few spades and several different sized buckets you will make for happy parents and remove the stress of having to find such items on the first few days of their stay.
7. Deck chairs
You may think this is going a step to far, you are offering the perfect beach setting after all, but not everyone likes to sit on the sand. This works particularly well if you have families staying at your rental property with the grandparents. Just two sun chairs is more than enough to offer even in a large property and ensures all your guest can enjoy a day at the beach in comfort.
8. Cool Box
Beach properties are amazing and luxurious, however purchasing drinks and snacks at the local beachside cafe can sometimes become very expensive. Providing your guests with a cool box and ice blocks allows them to take their own refreshments, keep them cool all day long whilst saving money.

9. Personalised maps
You know your rental property and the surrounding location better than any of your guests, so next time you are there take the time to collect a few of the local free maps and mark on them good spots for guest to visit. Pinpoint beach locations that offer scenic beauty or a secluded spot and highlight areas that offer activities like water sports or peddlelows.
10. Reading Materials.
Many beach goers use the escape of everyday life to relax and take in a good book, something that many people do not have time to do in their daily lives. Offering just a few titles for you guests to choose from can quickly grow into an extensive library as new guest leave behind the books they have read and swap them in and out with your existing collection.