Thursday, 24 June 2010

Why You Need to Experience Luxury Travel in China’s Tropical Paradise, Hainan.

Guest Post by Lauren Rains

It can easily be forgotten that China is actually one of the best and most unique spots to go for luxury vacation filled with both relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re looking for luxury in a bustling cosmopolitan city like Shanghai or relaxing on white sandy beaches in a tropical paradise in Hainan, you can find it in China. And believe it or not, the luxury travel options in China consist of some of the most world class luxury you can find in the world. When vacationing in China you get top notch luxury at rates you won’t believe. Just take a look at what you’ll find in the tropical paradise of Hainan along the southeastern shoreline of China:
Hainan, China:
At A Glance:
Beach, Paradise, White Sandy Beaches, Beautiful Resort Hotels, Rich Cuisine, Brilliant Sunsets… you get the picture. China has this! Until recently China’s southern, tropical coast was a hidden treasure. However, today the beauty of China’s southern coastline is being turned into one of the most beautiful beach-resort destinations in the world.
The Climate:
Hainan has a tropical, moist climate, with the cooler months being in January and February and the hotter months in July and August. The weather in Hainan is similar to that of the beautiful beaches of Sunny Florida or the islands like Aruba and Jamaica in the Caribbean.
Fantastic Food:
The island of Hainan is known for its fantastic shrimp, crab, fish, and other interesting sea life. This is THE place to go in China for all you seafood lovers and food nuts.
Crowded? Nope!
While the tourism industry is rapidly growing in Hainan, as well as the rest of China, it is still a hideaway compared to many of the resorts in the rest of the world. This gives you a chance for a quieter, peaceful luxury vacation. One where you can sit down in your chair along the infinity pool and not have your fold out squished between the other chairs on your right and left side.
An Ancient History:
In addition to the great climate, beautiful resorts, fantastic food, and open spaces is also a chance to get a glimpse at some of China’s ancient history. In Coconut City, Hainan are the Five Official Temples built in honor of 5 officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (920-1279) dynasties. That’s pretty ancient, right? You can also see the Xiuying Fort Barbette built in 1891 to defend the southeastern corny of China during the Sino-French War. And be sure to check out Monkey Island, a state-protected nature reserve for macaque monkeys.
There are many parts of Hainan to see and many things to do. Aside from the luxuries of the beautiful resorts and condominium rentals you can also find plenty of adventure activities like cycling, rock climbing, boating, fishing, trekking, and more. There is something for everyone here! Class, Comfort, Style, Adventure, Fun, Paradise … and you can find it Hainan China. Happy Travels!
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