Saturday, 25 September 2010

How to Have a Pet Stay with You in a Holiday Rental

If you cannot bear going on holiday without your pet, then do not despair. Holiday home rentals can offer a great way for you to take your animal companions with you.

With changes in regulations, now allowing animals to travel aboard, followed by an increase of ‘pet friendly’ holiday accommodation, what previously involved months of planning and inconvenience to holiday with your pets has now become a much quicker and easier process.

For many of us, going on holiday means spending time with our families and loved ones; pets included, and with ‘pet friendly’ holiday rentals offering plenty of space and limited additional costs, a home away from home is ideal for pet lovers. Not only offering savings on the cost of kennels, but by allowing you to enjoy your trip with you animal companion by your side.

Searching for your pet loving holiday home, couldn’t be easier, with many holiday rental owners advertising that they are ‘pet friendly’. However the general term ‘pet friendly’ can often specifically refer to dogs, so it is always advisable to confirm with the Holiday rental owner, if it is another form of animal you wish to take.  It is also recommended that you speak with the holiday home owner as to suitability of their animal friendly rental before making a confirmed booking.

The phrase ‘pet friendly’ can vary greatly between each holiday rental, so be sure to ask specific questions and find out if there the holiday home has grounds and whether dogs are required to be kept in a kennel at night or in the event they cannot come with you on a daytime activity. 

It is also common place to pay an additional surcharge for bring a pet and this can vary greatly from £5 – £10 per stay to £25 per night. Check this and find out what is included in this surcharge and if it is refundable if no damage it done.  

Investigate the local area to be sure the community is as ‘pet friendly’ as your holiday rental, find out if the beached allow dogs and whether there are large recreational areas that allow you to walk your pets and whether they must remain on a lead. 

The most exceptional of ‘pet friendly’ rentals will go the extra mile offering pet welcome packs including pet food and toys and providing you with information of pet activities in the local area.

And remember be prepared to accept responsibility for your pet if they misbehave and understand that any damage could result in you being liable to additional costs!