Monday, 20 September 2010

Sharm el Sheikh: The Alternative Clubbing Destination

Night life, Sharm el Sheikh

Long gone are the days of all the clubbers heading solely to Ibiza for a week or two of living it up in the summer sunshine. We've entered a new dawn of clubbers paradise, where ultimate destinations are budding away from the Balearic isle. Take Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh for example; this Red Sea Riviera destination has everything young party-goers need and want. Foreign currency exchange is in Egyptian Pounds, so what do the visitors end up spending their holiday money on?

The Nightlife

The top nightclub in Sharm El Sheikh has to be Pacha. Complete with pool, pool bar, VIP area, dance floor and plenty of foam, this open-air club is what partying is all about. Before you dance the night away to the banging tunes here, it is probably best to grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. For something you recognise, head to the Hard Rock Cafe off Sharma-Na'ama Bay Road. If you want to try something new, try busy Pomodoro for delicious Italian dishes.

The Sea Life

Sharm El Sheikh doesn't just have excitement on the dance floor; there is a load to discover in the sea as well. Sharm is a snorkelling and scuba diving haven, made possible by beautiful coral reefs and shipwrecks along the coastline. Many hotels and companies will take you out by boat for scuba diving, but anyone can try snorkelling just off the beach in their non-partying hours. Expect to be amazed at what you see beneath the waves; bring an underwater camera along if you want to show you trip off to your friends.

The Shopping

Whether you need to buy a new towel for lazing on the beach, or want to do some serious gift purchasing for those back in Blighty, there are plenty of places to shop in Sharm El Sheikh. There are a number of air conditioned malls that will seem particularly appealing in the midday sun, but there are smaller shops of interest too. If you are looking for arts and crafts, Aladdin at the Camel Hotel is a hot spot where you can part with your hard earned Egypt pounds. For some Egyptian trinkets, both Sharazaad and Fenton Egyptian Handicrafts should suit your needs perfectly.