Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Various Types of Luxury Villas for Rent

Luxury villas are the essence of style, opulence, lavishness, and sophistication in terms of the vacation or tourism industry. All-inclusive hotel stays have their perks, but it simply cannot beat the homely yet majestic feeling that these upscale vacation lodgings provide. To tell you the truth, luxury villas for rent come in different shapes and sizes as well as types, although they all share the common goal of providing the rich and self-indulgent a lavish holiday that cannot be equaled by third-rate, economy-minded packaged tours and travel options. Here are just some of them.
  • Luxury Beachfront Villas: This particular villa type is the most common one off the bunch, and it's mostly renowned for its closeness to the beach and its many commonalities with a beachfront hotel. When renting a beachfront villa, you'll be getting quite a lot of the perks associated with a beachfront hotel but with the added bonus of not being limited to a given property's dining options, recreational facilities, and so on. Freedom that you can get out of your very own home is the main allure of this particular luxury vacation dwelling; it's even celebrated for its untouched aesthetics and sophisticated luxury that beats most hotel package deals any day of the week.
  • Luxury Oceanfront Villas: There's actually very little difference between a beachfront villa and an oceanfront villa simply because regardless if you're on an island surrounded by the sea or a bigger body of water like the ocean, the villa will still lie on dry land. With that said, there are certain added perks to oceanfront vacation homes that take advantage of the immediate ocean placement, such as more emphasis on fishing or surfing expeditions and other types of water sports when compared to its beachfront counterpart. There are even villas that throw in sky-diving perks for good measure just so you can better appreciate the immensity of the nearby ocean from another perspective.
  • Luxury Villas with Pools: At this point, there's a bit of an overlap between villa types. Pools can be present in oceanfront or beachfront villas as added benefits for those who want to swim at the privacy of their own villa. However, more often than not, it's the villas that aren't situated at sea that have this particular feature. You can either have a personalized pool right in your own villa or a community pool shared by a whole neighborhood of villas that also offer saunas, Jacuzzis, indoor gyms, secluded sundecks, and much, much more.

  • Fully-Staffed Villas: Again, this villa type can overlap with all of the abovementioned villa types, such that if you avail of the most luxurious and complete villa possible, you can acquire a beachfront or oceanfront villa with its own swimming pool and staff of chefs and servants. In addition to the usual amenities of cable television and broadband Internet, these villas also offer multilingual or English-speaking maids and cooks (or a maid that can double as a cook) that will take care of your gastronomical needs and daily housekeeping requirements.