Saturday, 13 November 2010

Top 3 European Cities for Holiday Rentals

When booking a holiday, one of the main questions that may need to be addressed is where to stay?  You can choose for a hotel room in which you are in a small room with one bathroom, no kitchen and maybe noisy people in the next room. Or, for frequently the same price, you can stay in one of the owner direct apartment vacation rentals.The following cities are the top 3 European cities which offer this type of accomodation that will allow you to experience the cities at you own leisure:
  • Paris – At any time of the year Paris offers tons of things to do either on a small or long term get away. Different areas of Paris offer different experiences. For example the neighbourhood of St. Germain is a vibrant area with bars and restaurants in abundance and close enough to walk to most of the sights.  Monmartre, on the other hand, is further away but is a funky artsy neighbourhood, with its pedestrian streets and bobo artists! If you a looking for a quieter area then the area near the Eiffel tower would be more appropriate as it is safe and with large avenues and exquisite restaurants.
  • London – The vibrant city of London is well known  for its culture - diverse cuisine, architecture and high-quality entertainment- and is not to be missed. When booking you holiday rentals you may want to include the following areas: the West End of London is world renowned as one of the greatest shopping areas; Central London offers the most visited tourist attractions; and North London offers quaint quiet locations with many nice neighbourhoods for a more relaxed holiday.
  • Lisbon –Lisbon is one of the warmest European capitals, both for weather and for its people.  Being one of the oldest European capitals it also offers an immense amount of history and culture and is beautiful to visit – you will understand why once you arrive. The best holliday rental locations in Lisbon are in areas such as the ‘Baixa’ – the heart of Lisbon and closest to the main attractions and shops. For a bustling night life stay in the ‘Bairro Alto’ as the best frequented bars and nightclubs are located here and is also close to the main attractions. The oldest part of the city known as ‘Alfama’ is definitely a place to learn about different kinds of Portuguese culture such as Fado music, good food and great bars.