Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What to Look for in a Vacation Rental in Florida

Vacation rentals in Florida can offer you a home from home, away from the swarms of tourists that pack out the hotels.  Often situated close to local attractions or the beach, they can provide you with the freedom other forms of accommodation can’t. An inexpensive option, Vacation rentals can work out to be cheaper than hotels on a per night per person basis.
Florida is packed full of condos, apartments, villas and houses all available for vacation rental, with so many to choose from it can be hard to know what you should look for when booking a vacation rental in Florida.


You may have picked Florida as your travel destination; however it’s a large state. Think about what you plan to do whilst visiting. For example, if you are visiting Florida to experience the theme parks, then Orlando is probably the best location to consider. You need to think about travel times and transport options when get back and forth from your accommodation. If price is an issue then look for properties set a few blocks back off of beach areas and waterways that allow you to remain within walking distance as these could be less expensive than the beach front rentals.

The uniqueness of a vacation rental is that it is like a home from home. Think about what you expect from your vacation home. Most will offer fully equipped kitchens; however you may want a backyard or swimming pool for the children to play in when you are home.  Depending on the season you are travel in other additional extras such as air conditioning or pool heating could also add to your enjoyment.  From those looking for more of a resort like experience, consider booking a condo instead of a house or villa. Many offer on-site facilities like bars or restaurants allowing to you enjoy your evening leisure time without having to venture to far afield.


Vacation Rentals that offer top of the range amenities or luxurious surrounding and are in prime locations are likely to come at a price. Shop around and compare prices of vacation rentals in the local area to ensure you are getting a fair deal. If you budget doesn’t extend to far than look at other options like apartment complexes, they may be able offer all the extra but with a little less space; helping you to save a few bucks on the overall rental price. Or look at the surround areas, by moving one or two blocks back you can still experience everything you want within distance however many find the price range will be less expensive.


The size of your vacation rental can make a big difference to your enjoyment and your budget. If travelling in a large group be sure you rent a vacation home that offers another space for everyone. Likewise, you are paying for space so if you are travelling as couple consider looking at small vacation rentals.


Find out about the people you are renting your vacation home from, ask for references from previous guests or look them up on the internet. Sites like trip advisor allow individuals to rate and review their accommodation. Doing a little research beforehand is guaranteed to help ensure vacation satisfaction.


Now days most vacation rental owners or management companies will issue guests with terms and conditions for the rental. Make sure you read these and fully understand what is required of you before you confirm your booking. Not reading booking conditions can leave you exposed to additional charges for not abiding by the rules.