Monday, 11 January 2010

British ex-pats streets Spain protest plans bulldoze illegally built homes.

The Daily Mail has today reported how British ex-pats have taken to the streets in Spain to protest against the government's plan to bulldoze their homes.

The mail reports that around 800 British and Irish spainish property owners took to the streets in Almeria after demolition orders were issues on 8 local properties.

In light of the current spanish economy is this really the right way for the government to go?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Top 10 tips on getting the most out of your rental advertisement

1.             Where to advertise

Use Google to search terms that you would use if you were looking for holiday accommodation. Select one of the portals that appears within the top results consistently over several different searches.  With the cost of advertising around £200 it is best to choose one and stick with it.
Most enquirers will look at all the main sites, so if you advertise with them all you will probably get repetitive enquires as opposed to more new ones.  Also it can be worth looking alternative advertising methods to help bump up your rentals especially for mid or off peak seasons.

2.               Use Keywords in your advertising

Most if not all advertising portals spend heavily on SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure they come up at the top of the search results. However just advertising on one of these sites is not enough. Take time to think about keywords the people may use when searching the internet for holiday accommodation. Include these into your advertisement and you will find that your property advert on the portal will start to appear within Google search results

3.             Unique selling points

What is about your property that makes it stand out? Why should they book with you?
 If you have a heated pool or views out over the beach then tell them. This is what will win you booking over others that are advertising the same sized property in the same location.

4.             A photograph speaks a 1000 words

Make sure you add good quality photographs to your advertisement.
Investing in a professional photograph may be expensive but it will pay off in the long term.
If you don’t have the budget then make sure your photographs are of the highest quality. Poor lighting or bad angles will discourage potential bookings.

5.             Knowledge

You must not assume the person enquiring has been to that location before. Make sure you know the local area, what’s on offer, how far it is from key places of interest. 
Enquirers like to feel like you know everything possible about the resort. They will ask you some very specific questions. Not being able to answer will not look good.

6.             Prompt Response.

Once your advert is live, make sure you respond to enquiries promptly. Enquirers will have contacted a minimum of 5–10 other property owners as well as you. If you are last to reply you will probably already have missed out on the booking.

7.             Love your property

Be enthusiastic about your property and the destination. Enthusiasm is infectious and enquirers will find it hard not to get excited if you are excited for them.

8.             Keep in touch

Once your guests have finished their stay, drop them a quick email to ask for feedback. Just 2 minutes of your time can be worth its weight in gold.
People like to feel special and will come back to you again or recommend you to friends if you make them feel this way.
Also send out an email from time to time to past guests. If you decide on a special offer or discount then let them know about it. Building rapport with your guests is one way to guarantee repeat revenues

9.             Special offers and deals

Offering a discount for early or late bookings, or a special offer over a certain period is always a good way to attract interest.
If it doesn’t cost you any more on the servicing of the property try something like 12 nights for the price of 10.  If you have weeks going spare or a cancellation, why not try auctioning that availability, it may not sell for your normal asking price, but some revenue is better than none.

10.           Business Cards

These can be a handy little marketing tool.  Invest in having some printed with a photograph of your property, your contact details and portal reference. Leave them in the property for guests to take (and pass onto friends) also carry them with you.
You never know when you may bump into someone looking for somewhere to stay,

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