Sunday, 21 February 2010

Air travel is still more safe than travelling by car

Statisics released by the International Air Travel Association (IATA) show that despite several high profiled incidents last year, 2009 was still recorded as being the 2nd safest year in aviation.

Recording the number of hull loses per million flights made in Western built jet aircaft, the 2009 globe accident rate showed that only one accident was recorded by 1.4 million flights taken.

This is marked as a 'Significant' improvement on 2008 statisics.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Turkey to invest in Marina's to boost investment and tourism

New marinas are part of Turkey’s ambitious strategy to position itself as a major destination with the Yachting fraternity and attract more property investors in a hope to tempt business away from other more popular Mediterranean destinations.  

Following the inauguration of the 600 berth D-Marin marina in the resort if Didim last year, the newest project to be announced is in the Turkish Aegean resort of Cesme where a 400 berth marine is to be constructed by international marina operator Camper and Dominates. Included within the new marina development will be a modern and sophisticated waterside arcade which will be designed by Atelier Xavier Bohl, Famed for the creation of Port Grimaud in St Tropez.

The addition of the new Cesme Marina comes as the Turkish government aims to increase marina capacity along the country's Aegean and Mediterranean coastline from 25,000 berths to over 50,000 berths by 2023.

The long delayed marina in Dalaman is also rumoured to commence construction in 2011
With a still fairly unspoilt coastline and position outside of the Euro zone, Turkey hopes to attract boat owners by offering lower mooring fees and an altogether cheaper cost of living.  This coupled with developers offering properties close to the new marinas at a fraction of the cost of those in France, Spain or Portugal means Turkey could see a surge in property investment followed by an increase in tourism.