Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The UK sky return to normal - Latest Volcanic Ash update

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has tonight confirmed that restrictions to UK have now been lifted for all areas except from the far north of Scotland, which is still affected by heavy volcanic ash cloud cover.

In the statement released at 23:00 (GMT) tonight, they gone on to confirm that all confirm restrictions will be lifted at of 23:34 (GMT).

Already several BA long haul flights have landed into London Heathrow, televised live on Sky News, whilst stranded passengers at Madrid being to check in for their return flights to the UK.

A further review of the situation will take place at 09:00 (GMT) tomorrow, however it is hoped that situation will remain the same.

Due to the scale of the disruption, NATS will continue to work with airlines and airports in the hope of resuming normal services as quickly as possible. However it is still advised that you check with your airline before travelling to the airport.

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Take off for most UK airports! - Volcanic Ash update

The CAA has announced that as of 22:00 (GMT) tonight they will begin to lift restrictions on UK airspace.

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has updated their statement on their landing page at 20:40 (GMT) to state they have received new instructions from the CAA.

The CAA has advised all airlines that it will be their responsibility to:

"conduct their own risk assessment and develop operational procedures to address any remaining risks;
put in place an intensive maintenance ash damage inspection before and after each flight; and report any ash related incidents to a reporting scheme run by the CAA."

It is hoped that flight schedules will return to normal in the coming days, whilst airlines in the meantime work to rescue stranded Brits abroad.

NATS are scheduled to release a further update at 22:00 (GMT) confirming more details.

A continuous news stream is currently being provided by sky news.

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Europe starts to move again - If brieftly

The situation regarding the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues to affect Europe. However based on information from the UK Met Office this morning, part of Scottish airspace has been reopened.

Restrictions will remain in place over the rest of the UK airspace below 20,000ft, however overnight the CAA  has decided it will allow flights above the ash cloud to be permitted in the UK untill 19.00 (GMT).

The UK Met office has however warned that the situation is likely to change during the course of the day, and a further statement will be released at 15.00 (GMT)

All parties are working closely with the Government, airports and airlines, and airframe and aero engine manufacturers to get a better understanding of the effects of the ash cloud and to seek solutions.

A number of ferry operators are running coaches and allowing more foot passengers aboard in an attempt to help ease the situations, whilst Celebrity Cruise lines has delayed it inaugural celebrations of its newest ship to help.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash update 18:30

NATS (national air traffic services) has now confirmed in a release on it's landing page, that Volcanic Ash is no longer being emitted at altitudes that will affect UK airspace.

They have announced that from 0700 (GMT) tomorrow, Tuesday, Scottish airspace will be reopened and south to a line between Teeside and Blackpool.

Following information provided by the UK Met Office, they are expecting the current ash cloud to continue moving south with the possibility that southern England and Wales airspace will be reopened later tomorrow.

All agencies will continue to monitor the situation and further updated will be released on NATS site at 9pm this evening.

Bidabooking.com is advising all guests with confirmed flights to check with their airlines directly for the latest information on individual flights.

If you still require accommodation we still have several properties in Spain and Portugal available over the coming week please visit our homepage

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The Latest update on the Volcanic Ash Confusion

With all UK flights still grounded, the bidabooking.com team bring you the latest on the Iceland Volcano situation.

The latest update released by the UK Met office, is that the eruption from the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull  volcano in Iceland has weakened for the time being. Yet the weather patterns continue to blow the ash cloud towards the UK.

British Airways have stated no problems were found with their test flight in restricted airspace last night, however NATS (National Air Traffic Service) is still imposing a restriction until 0100 (GMT) Tuesday 20th April. A further update to this will be issued at 1600 (GMT) this afternoon.

With Thousands of Britons currently stranded across Europe, the UK Government has today announced the deployment of 3 Royal Navy Ships to Spain to help bring Brits home. Amongst them 220 members of the 3rd Rifles battalion who were stranded on their return from Afghanistan.

Across Europe questions are being asked as to how long this will go on for and  calls are being made for the situation to be "urgently assessed" as millions of pounds are being lost on a daily basis as these restrictions continue.

The BBC is providing Live Commentary on events as they happen.

Bidabooking.com has already helped several families currently stranded in Spain and Portugal. If you are currently seeking accommodation whilst stranded please visit our homepage

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10 Great Excuses for Booking a Holiday Rental

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Lastest update on Iceland Volcano and Flights

The latest information released by NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has confirmed some ATC restrictions have been lifted on airspace in Scotland, Shetland, Orkneys and Northern Ireland.

However restrictions will remain in place across English and Welsh airspace until 0700(GMT)Saturday 17th April when the situation will be reviewed.

It is feared that even when these restrictions are removed, it will still take some time for airlines to get their schedules back on track, with many currently facing logistical nightmares with planes that are stranded in the wrong locations. For more information please visit the BBC News Website

NATS the UK air traffic control centre has put up a very helpful landing page on their website which will be updated regularly with bulletins about the flight situation and the UK Met office are also displaying live maps of the volcanic movement.

We will continue to keep you up to date with any new developments as they happen here.

If you or someone you know is stranded and in need of accommodation, please visit our homepage as we have several properties currently available

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volcanic Ash, what you need to know

With the eruption of a volcano in Iceland 2 days ago, all flights across the UK, Ireland and most of Northern Europe have been affected.

The ash, which can damage plane engines, has meant that by this afternoon airspace in the UK was closed and flights cancelled. Followed quickly by the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and France.

At this current time all UK airspace will remain closed until 0600 GMT on Friday at the earliest to all but emergency flight.

Due to the significant safety threats posed to aircraft the reopening of air space will depend on future weather forecasts and wind direction.

All passengers are advised to check with their airline before arriving at the airport for the latest update, and many are advising travellers through twitter and other social media forums not to even attempt going to airports.

For more information and the latest update you can visit the BBC News page

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bidabooking.com is Featured on Killerstartups.com

Bidabooking.com has been featured on Killerstartups.com  as "Like Ebay for Rental Accommodation"

They go on to say  "A lot of effort has also gone into making the site user-friendly."

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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Top 5 tips on booking a bargain holiday rental

When looking to find your perfect holiday rental Bidabooking.com's top 5 tips will help to ensure you always get your perfect rental at the best price.

Follow these simply rules and you'll be sure to make the most out of your money when searching for the dream getaway.

Decide on your location - Think about the places you would like to holiday in most and select two or three options as your top destinations of choice. This should help you to stay focused when searching for your holiday rental and save you wasting time drifting off to rentals that are not where you really want to stay.

Shop Around - Check out what is on offer in the locations you have decided on. Take a look at the types of rental properties available, is a villa in the hillside or an apartment in the centre of the resort best suited to you. Look at the prices are they per night or weekly rates and what is included, many add additional charges for services such as linen or maids.

Set a Budget - and stick to it! Pick the maximum price you are prepared to pay for your holiday rental and stick to it.

Search out offers - Be on the look out for special offers, do you get extras included for free, will it work out cheaper to travel 2 days earlier then originally planned, can you make a saving by selecting an apartment complex next to the one you've just looked at.

Be Flexible - Having decided on several destinations as your top choices, be flexible on which one you select and think about juggling your dates as you can find some great deals if you are prepared to travel at
a slightly different time. There are a number of factors that can have an effect of the price if you are prepared to be just a little bit flexible.

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