Friday, 28 May 2010 Ltd Responds to Inaccurate Claims

Inaccurate Information Wrongly Associates Ltd with Belmont Go Lta / The Belmont Group

UK, May 28, 2010 - This statement has been released in response to incorrect, inaccurate information released in the public domain, Online and reported in some media and in some blogs.

Inaccuracy: " and its Director is linked or related to Belmont Go Lta or The Belmont Group of companies" Ltd ( is a privately owned limited UK company and is in no way associated with Belmont Go Lta or The Belmont group of companies and/or their dealings. Ltd Managing Director Keely Capel has released the following statement relating to such claims."I have wrongly been associated on a personal level with Belmont Go Lta, through the use of my name and contact information on fraudulent marketing activities by Belmont GO." Capel, who was previously a retained consultant of Belmont Go Lta, terminated her services with the company earlier this year to focus full time on her commitment of running her own company - Ltd.

Capel states "On ceasing my contract with Belmont Go Lta, I explicitly requested that any personal information retaining to me, be removed from associated material used by the company. At such time I was unaware of Belmont GO's financial difficulties and illegal actions. This has however been brought to my attention in recent weeks. Relevant steps have now been taken to remove such information and clear my name" Ltd would like to apologise for any confusion or uncertainty that this inaccurate information may have caused and would like to assure customers and clients that operates a fully transparent, legal and honourable UK business. If you should wish to speak directly to Keely Capel with regards to this matter she is available to answer any questions and encourages people to contact her via telephone or her personal email address.

Keely Capel
Phone: 0844 358 1078
Email: [email protected]

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jamaica Travel Warning

The UK Foreign office have issued a warning to all UK citizens travelling to Jamaica to exercise 'extra caution' and has advised against non essential travel in and around Kingston -In particular West Kingston and Mountain view. With warnings of 'sporadic outbreaks' of violence throughout the city, which has declared a state of emergency.

Jamaica's Tourist board insists that the North of the island, where most tourists are attracted is safe. Areas such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Negril are some 4 hours away from the area of concern.

UK tour operators and airlines will continue as scheduled to Jamaica although BA have diverted several of today's flights to Kingston to arrive at Montego Bay.

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Monday, 17 May 2010

Enhance Your Golf Rentals

Would you like to increase your bookings and successful fill your calendar? If you own a holiday rental that is located close to or on a golf course, then why not consider adding some extra amenities to target those golfers. Not only will they appreciate the extra touches but it will help you to keep a full calendar of bookings.

Course Reviews
Compile a folder or book with professional reviews of golf courses surrounding your holiday rental. Make sure you include things like course type, number of holes, course difficulty any features it may have and the handicap requirement if any. You could even save this on your computer and email it to your guests in advance of their stay.

Special offers and booking discounts direct from the courses
Ask around your local courses and find out if they run any particular special offers or discounts. Explain you have a holiday rental in the local vicinity and that you would like to refer your guests to them. You will be surprised as to what some courses may offer.

Local booking agent contact information
If the courses cannot offer any incentive for booking direct, find a local booking agent. If your holiday rental is situated in a golf hot spot there are likely to be several. Again let them know you own a holiday rental and you are looking for somewhere to refer your guests for their golf reservations.

Golf Pro contact information
Where there are golf courses there are golf pro’s, while many guests wish to play for the enjoyment factor, there are a number who would like to improve their game and use their holiday time to focus on such activities. Hook yourself up with your local golf pro and provide your guests with his contact information.

An extra set of clubs
Although most golfers will bring their own clubs, airlines impose high premiums for carrying these discouraging many from wanting to travel with them. A set of clubs at the holiday rental is an added incentive to encourage guests to book, it could be there want to leave theirs at home or perhaps have members of their party who have not played before and do not own any. Purchasing clubs for your holiday rental doesn’t have to be expensive and do not need to be top of the range. They could be an old set you have upgraded from or an affordable set purchased from the local store.

Balls and Tees
Are always a handy extra to include as golfers can often run out and are a fairly inexpensive extra to add. Also think about including practice balls as your guests may want to take a few swings before visiting the course. They are a sure fire way to ensure your guests have a great time.

Golf buggy
Probably one of the most expensive items you could include in your amenities, but worth every penny if your holiday rental is situated on the golf course itself. You will quickly make your money back in the increased number of bookings you receive.

Driving net
If you have outdoor space to permit it, when not pick up a net from the local sports shop and place it out back for your guests to practice when off the course. Make sure you invest in a good quality net that is weather resistant and will hold up over the winter months.

Once you have selected the extra amenities to include in your holiday rental and kitted it out, make sure to include these on your holiday rental listings. Make them prominent and you will be guaranteed an increase in golf related bookings all year round.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Volcanic Ash update

Although Airspace over the UK remains open as currently report by NATS(National Air Traffic Services)other parts of Europe and Transatlantic flights are still affected.

Flights to Faro, Barcelona, Madrid have been cancelled as the cloud spreads across the Atlantic into Southern Europe, even as far up as the East of France.

Passengers flying from the USA or Caribbean are experience delays and extended flight times of up to 3 hours as airlines attempt to divert their courses around the cloud.

Although the majority of flights out of the UK are running to normal schedule airlines and airports are urging travellers to check before departing. Concerns have also been raised for anyone travelling to or from Tenerife or Madeira.

The Ash cloud that started on the 14th April, has already cost the airline industry an estimated £1 Billion and experts are predicting that the event could cause further disruption throughout the summer.

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Monday, 10 May 2010

BA Stike: Union announces 20 days of strike action

British Airways staff union Unite, has this afternoon announced its intention to conduct 20 days of strikes after a total of 81% of members voted to reject the peace offering from BA regarding an ongoing 14 month dispute over pay and working conditions.

BA cabin crew will strike on four separate five-day stints across May and June. Dates announced today by Unite will be the 18th - 22nd May, 24th - 28th May, 30th May - 3rd June and 5th -9th June.

In the statement posted on at 16.10 this afternoon, the airline states 'We are disappointed that Unite, the trade union for British Airways (BA) cabin crew, has announced that it intends to take further strike action.

We are currently considering our response so we can minimise any disruption during this strike period.

All our flights are operating as normal at the moment.

We will be updating this page with further details as soon as they are available.'

This new announcement just added to British Airways woes of the past few months, and its poor passengers who have suffered from either strike action or volcanic ash disruption.

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Normality is restored to European Airspace

Normality has returned to European airspace today at the volcanic ash cloud concentrations over the continent dispersed. With all airports across the region now open it is back to business as usual.

However passengers travelling Transatlantic continue to experience major disruptions as many are forced to take long detours to avoid the ash cloud adding hours to flight times.

There is further concern that the ash may head back towards to Portugal and Spain later today, which will result in more problems. Ryanair has already cancelled a number of its flights between the UK and Portugal, were as Easyjet is reporting a near normal services with just a few cancellations.

Many Airlines have reduced the number of flights to several destinations but have supplied large aircraft in an attempt to carry more passengers as they attempt to keep to their schedules after another weekend of travel disruption.

All airports and airlines continue to advise passengers to check the latest information before arriving at the airport. Whilst BA said it was trying to keep passengers informed "but it is a challenge when the cloud keeps moving around".

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) said: "The high density area of the volcanic ash cloud is now lying to the north-west of the UK and, as a result, there are currently no restrictions within UK airspace."

The Civil Aviation Authority, which agrees no-fly zones based on Met Office data, said current forecasts indicated skies over Britain should remain clear for the next 18-24 hours.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Top 5 Holiday Rental Destinations

Perhaps you have booked a holiday rental before, perhaps not. However if you are not sure where to go on your next trip, why not consider one of The Top 5 holiday rental destinations bought you by

1. Florida Among its many holiday destinations, Florida has to be one of the United States most popular. With its huge selection of theme parks, Disney, Kennedy Space Centre, the everglades and the attractions of it many beaches and availability of water sports. Many holiday rentals here offer fantastic space and amenities with most situated on beaches or close to the main attractions affording you with great accessibility to where you want to go. With such a selection of rentals from apartments, condos and villas Florida just has to top our list.

2. Spain A vast country with forgiving winter temperatures,Spain is capable of offering something for everyone. The rugged beauty of the coast in Costa Brava, to the remoteness the Extremadura, it can offer you bustling city breaks, sun drenched seemingly endless beaches and even ski resorts! With their relaxed way of life, food and drink come easily to the Spanish. Offering a choice of modern villas, centrally located apartment complexes or rural country houses everyone can find their own slice of paradise.

3. Portugal As one of the oldest countries in Europe,Portugal can offer you romance, culture, adventure and relaxation. Often mistaken as similar to Spain, Portugal looks out over the Iberian Peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean. Known mainly for its Algarve region, Portugal with World Heritage sites, historic villages and the business of its capital Lisbon has so much more to offer. Privately owned villas are the most favourable option complete with the latest mod cons like the Wii, tennis courts, heated swimming pools and hot tubs. If you want to be closer to the action there are plenty of modern apartment complexes within walking distance of the main coastal resorts.

4. Turkey An incredibly beautiful countryTurkey is steeped in a rich historical background that offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western Cultures. The Turkish people are warm and friendly and enjoy a relaxed way of life. Offering plenty from the overwhelming Temple of Apollo, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, Turquoise coast stretching over a thousand miles and picturesque and historical ruins scattered along its coastline. For the freedom to come and go as you please you can choose from holiday villas, apartments, cottages and farmhouses.

5. Cyprus Once a British colony, Cyprus is drenched in rich and dramatic history. Located on the north east of the Mediterranean the country basks in hot summers and cooler winters, making it a perfect destination all year round. With its well maintained beaches, architectural monuments and ancient cities there is plenty to do if you need a break from the beach. With most rentals situated in the main resorts close to the coastline you can select from villas and apartments that will provide you with direct access to what the island has to offer

To start searching for your holiday rental destination, why not consider a holiday rental auction

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Restrictions on UK airspace are lifted

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has confirmed that all UK airspace (including Northern Ireland) is to reopen this afternoon with the exception of a very tiny corner in the Northwest of the UK.

However they predict that this will not disrupt the UK's airports.

They will continue to monitor the situation for any change.

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New Airport Closures

New airport closures have been announced today following a new volcanic ash cloud admitted from the same volcano in Iceland that brought disruption to thousands at the end of the Easter Break.

Currently NATS  (National Air Traffic Services) has imposed a no fly zone over the West of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The BBC is reporting that 6 flights scheduled in and out bound from Cardiff have currently been cancelled affecting Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

At this time airspace over Scotland's airports remains open and flights continue to operate, however this could change later depending on operational experiences.

The conditions of the Volcanic ash clouds movements over the UK are being monitored closely and restrictions will be based on the density of the cloud as it crosses the UK.

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