Thursday, 24 June 2010

Why You Need to Experience Luxury Travel in China’s Tropical Paradise, Hainan.

Guest Post by Lauren Rains

It can easily be forgotten that China is actually one of the best and most unique spots to go for luxury vacation filled with both relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re looking for luxury in a bustling cosmopolitan city like Shanghai or relaxing on white sandy beaches in a tropical paradise in Hainan, you can find it in China. And believe it or not, the luxury travel options in China consist of some of the most world class luxury you can find in the world. When vacationing in China you get top notch luxury at rates you won’t believe. Just take a look at what you’ll find in the tropical paradise of Hainan along the southeastern shoreline of China:
Hainan, China:
At A Glance:
Beach, Paradise, White Sandy Beaches, Beautiful Resort Hotels, Rich Cuisine, Brilliant Sunsets… you get the picture. China has this! Until recently China’s southern, tropical coast was a hidden treasure. However, today the beauty of China’s southern coastline is being turned into one of the most beautiful beach-resort destinations in the world.
The Climate:
Hainan has a tropical, moist climate, with the cooler months being in January and February and the hotter months in July and August. The weather in Hainan is similar to that of the beautiful beaches of Sunny Florida or the islands like Aruba and Jamaica in the Caribbean.
Fantastic Food:
The island of Hainan is known for its fantastic shrimp, crab, fish, and other interesting sea life. This is THE place to go in China for all you seafood lovers and food nuts.
Crowded? Nope!
While the tourism industry is rapidly growing in Hainan, as well as the rest of China, it is still a hideaway compared to many of the resorts in the rest of the world. This gives you a chance for a quieter, peaceful luxury vacation. One where you can sit down in your chair along the infinity pool and not have your fold out squished between the other chairs on your right and left side.
An Ancient History:
In addition to the great climate, beautiful resorts, fantastic food, and open spaces is also a chance to get a glimpse at some of China’s ancient history. In Coconut City, Hainan are the Five Official Temples built in honor of 5 officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (920-1279) dynasties. That’s pretty ancient, right? You can also see the Xiuying Fort Barbette built in 1891 to defend the southeastern corny of China during the Sino-French War. And be sure to check out Monkey Island, a state-protected nature reserve for macaque monkeys.
There are many parts of Hainan to see and many things to do. Aside from the luxuries of the beautiful resorts and condominium rentals you can also find plenty of adventure activities like cycling, rock climbing, boating, fishing, trekking, and more. There is something for everyone here! Class, Comfort, Style, Adventure, Fun, Paradise … and you can find it Hainan China. Happy Travels!
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About the Author:
Lauren Rains is Director of Internet Marketing at CnAdventure, China’s top-rated adventure travel company. Check out some of CnAdventure’s awesome tours designed for the adventure-addicted world traveler at or read their China Adventure Blog. You can also follow Lauren on Twitter, and be sure to check out her personal blog,, a running collection of insights on enjoying life, quarter life crises, and life lessons.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Top 10 Amenities for Beach Front Rentals.

If you own a holiday rental that is located on or near to the beach, you already know what you most unique selling point is. So how can you maximise its potential and guarantee bookings that will keep your calendar full and beat off the competition?

By adding a few special touches designed with a beach holiday in mind you can enhance your rental and increase you bookings whilst making sure your guests have an extra special time. Here are’s Top 10 Beach amenities:

1. Beach Towels
An ideal extra to add to any beach front rental, beach towels can be bulky to pack and take up valuable luggage allowance in a guest’s suitcase. By including then into your rental package you will definitely win the approval of new guests.

2. Wind Breaker
Easily purchased at any seaside convenience store and relevantly inexpensive, this item will be welcomed by guests when the winds are a little high. Giving them the freedom to enjoy the rental location without a mouthful of sand even when the wind blows.

3. Sun Umbrella
Another inexpensive item, a sun umbrella is a prefect beach accessory providing a restbite from the strong summer sun and offering shade preferred by families with young children and the elderly.

4. Inflatable’s
Who doesn’t like jumping around in the water on a lilo or rubber ring? Even if you do not want to invest in this yourself, encourage previous guests to leave their behind for others to continue to enjoy and use.

5. Beach Games
The beach is not just about lying there soaking in the sun, many people find they become bored quickly with nothing to do, so offer them a few extra toys like a beach volleyball or football, or a beach tennis set, this will give adults and kids endless hours of fun and while away what would otherwise be a boring afternoon.

6. Bucket and Spade
Any family with relatively young children will want a bucket and spade for them to build castles and dig pools with. By offering a few spades and several different sized buckets you will make for happy parents and remove the stress of having to find such items on the first few days of their stay.
7. Deck chairs
You may think this is going a step to far, you are offering the perfect beach setting after all, but not everyone likes to sit on the sand. This works particularly well if you have families staying at your rental property with the grandparents. Just two sun chairs is more than enough to offer even in a large property and ensures all your guest can enjoy a day at the beach in comfort.
8. Cool Box
Beach properties are amazing and luxurious, however purchasing drinks and snacks at the local beachside cafe can sometimes become very expensive. Providing your guests with a cool box and ice blocks allows them to take their own refreshments, keep them cool all day long whilst saving money.

9. Personalised maps
You know your rental property and the surrounding location better than any of your guests, so next time you are there take the time to collect a few of the local free maps and mark on them good spots for guest to visit. Pinpoint beach locations that offer scenic beauty or a secluded spot and highlight areas that offer activities like water sports or peddlelows.
10. Reading Materials.
Many beach goers use the escape of everyday life to relax and take in a good book, something that many people do not have time to do in their daily lives. Offering just a few titles for you guests to choose from can quickly grow into an extensive library as new guest leave behind the books they have read and swap them in and out with your existing collection.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Last Minute Travel Tips

In some cases last minute travel cannot be avoided. Perhaps you have unused Holiday allowance you need to take or lose, maybe your packed schedule has just thrown you up a few free days or maybe you need to visit an ill relative who lives abroad. There are many reasons why you may decide to take a last minute break. The following last minute travel tips are here to help you keep stress free and excited about your forthcoming trip.
Online booking
There are a lot of advantages to booking online. Travel comparison sites link into flights, accommodation and car hire companies and can often connect you to load of last minute deals.  Dedicated last minute travel sites such as discount flight brokers specialize in providing short notice travel arrangements and can offer cheap airfares or reduce rate hotel rooms. Most offer flexible search tools allowing you to find the deals that fit with your requirements and providing with alternative options if you can shuffle your availability around by a few days.
The general rule with airlines is that fares increase closer to the time of travel. However it actually cost the airlines for every plane that flies with empty seats, so discounts are often available last minute.  A number of airlines offer internet only fares, so be sure to check directly on their websites, if you fly regularly you may also be able to put your frequent flyer miles to good use. Consider flying on a week day in the early morning or late evening, these flights tend to be less popular so often provide the lowest fares.
Hotels and Resorts can get booked up early, especially if you are looking to travel at a peak holiday time. Try calling the main reservations desk directly and asking if they have rooms available. Remember to speak nicely and you may even be able to get yourself a discount.  If you are flexible about your accommodation, look online for sites specializing in holiday rentals directly from the owners and several promote last minute availability or special offers. Contact information is displayed on the listings so you can call the owner direct to enquire about availability.
Ask about deals and discounts
However you book always be on the lookout for a special offer or discount and do not be afraid to ask. Try and stay away from peak travel times like public holidays and major events. These are sure to increase the price of your stay.Many airlines and accommodation providers would prefer to give a discount last minute opposed to it remaining unsold.  As the saying goes “Some money is better than no money”
With your flights and accommodation booked, make sure you 
remain stress free with your packing. Keep it light to avoid paying excess luggage on check-in and be sure you have essentials like your toothbrush and tooth paste. These an be expensive to purchase last minute at the airport or on arrival in resort. Above all make sure you have checked your passport, that it is valid for the required length of time and that you have put it safely and securely away with the rest of your luggage. After all the rushing around the last thing you want is to get the the airport and not be able to travel! 

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