Friday, 27 August 2010

Mud Baths and Lycian Tombs: Boat Trips in Turkey

If you think Turkey is saturated with resorts geared around 'Brits abroad' and cheap booze, think again. Granted the exchange rate is favourable for us Brits, but this is the place where East meets West, where thousands of years worth of history combines to create a rich patchwork of cultural gems. And a great place to take in some of that history is the southern coast of Turkey.


Head to the ancient region of Lycia, to the Dalyan delta, and take a boat trip up the river. Here you will discover the visually striking Lycian tombs carved out of the cliff rock, where privileged Lycian's were laid to rest from the 5th BC onwards. The Lycian's believed that their souls were transported to the afterlife by winged, siren like creatures, hence the reason the tombs are perched upon the cliff tops and along the coast.

The stunning carved tombs in Dalyan (source: Wikipedia)


Continue on your boat trip to the mud baths further up the river. This area benefits from lots of geothermal activity resulting in spring waters and mineral-rich mud. Coating yourself in nature's free and luxurious beauty treatment is said to turn the clock back 10 years, so many cover themselves from head to toes in the stuff!


Once it has dried in the sun and you've washed it all off (to uncover the new you!), relax in the naturally warm water of the sulphur pools nearby. This is more relaxing than it might sound – the pools can reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees are famed for their ability to 'cure all ills'.


The final stop on your boat trip journey should take you to Iztuzu beach. As a hatching ground for giant turtles (you may even see some tame ones), this beach is protected, making it free from concrete apartment buildings and crowds of sun worshippers. This is a wonderful place to while away the hours, and should make for a glorious finish to your day in Turkey's cultural homeland.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Overcoming Limitations - Get Your Biz Savvy August 2010

In a series of articles entitled Overcoming Limitations, Write Julie Barnes, features co-founder and MD of Keely Capel on the limitations in life and business that have not stopped her from reaching her goals of owing a successful business.

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Travel to Turkey Guide Review - August 2010

The Blog Travel to Turkey Guide features in a brief post telling readers its a "Major new marketing opportunity" and "it takes mere minutes to put your holiday home in front of potential buyer"

Top Beaches of the Algarve, Portugal - Guest Post by Simon Elliott

The Algarve is an almost magical place located in the far southern area of Portugal. With year around sunshine, spectacular sandy beaches and bargain flights to Portugal available for a large number of charter and budget airlines the Algarve is a beach-lover's paradise with almost countless varied beaches to enjoy. The beaches range from the high tourist spots to the nearly empty more rustic beaches that any trekker will love seeking out.

Inland you can find picturesque villages seemingly untouched by the tourism industry with historical remains of the Moorish presence still clearly seen in the architecture as well as thriving tourist towns with exciting nightlife and quality restaurants.

The many beaches of the Algarve are varied; some with sheltered coves and breath-taking cliffs while others are seemingly endless stretches of golden sand yet all are beautifully sun-drenched with soft sand. 

Praia de Rocha (Praia meaning beach in Portuguese) while being the oldest and most well known beach in Portugal, is perhaps the area's most popular beach for those holiday surfers. Choose from the range of holiday properties including quality self catering villas and apartments, and enjoy relaxing days in the sun as well as plenty of opportunities in the evenings to enjoy some of the region's best restaurants.

Albufeira is known for being a touristy party scene with lively nightlife and many bars and restaurants open well into the night and early morning hours, whilst families will find Lagos to be the perfect setting. This pretty town is jammed packed full of rich history and international cuisine. The beach also offers something for the whole family including a range of water sports activities.

Near Faro airport (the main town of the Algarve) lies a beach that is simple teeming with tourist attractions including water sports, parks for children and families and a range of beach side cafes and restaurants. If on the other hand you are hoping to enjoy a more relaxing beach side holiday, then a trip to the absolutely stunning fishing village of Tavira and its nearby beach (ilha de Tavira) which can be reaches by a small local ferry from the mainland, is absolutely essential.

Tavira is remarkably charming with a number of family run restaurants and traditional Portuguese tiled homes. Furthermore, the island promises over 11km of sandy beach, not to mention quality cafes and relaxing seaside bars where you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas, while you enjoy the sun.

But wherever you're hoping to stay, there is something in the Algarve to suit your requirements exactly, whether it's a relaxing beach side break with the family or a action packed holiday with friends.

What's your favourite beach in the Algarve? Why now share your own top tips in the comments section below:

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& owners of second homes abroad.

The latest trend, according to a recent report by for 2010-2011, is for DIY holidays. Price-savvy British holidaymakers are apparently leading the world in "unpackaging" to seek the best value for money and cost-effective holidays.

Responding to this surge in demand for self catering accommodation abroad, has been launched to connect homeowners and property managers with travellers who seek the space, value and amenities of holiday rental homes as an alternative to holiday packages or hotels.

The site offers its visitors the chance to bid on holiday accommodation in a live online auction environment. keeps the process simple and cost-effective for both buyers and sellers. There are no fees to list a property on the site, in fact you are not charged anything until your property’s availability is successful sold. Once it is, the fee is 8% of the final sale price or 5% for subscribers. PayPal is the secure online payment method used which allows you to pay or receive payment quickly and easily without sharing any of your financial information.
This is major new marketing opportunity for owners of second homes properties abroad as it takes mere minutes to put your holiday home in front of potential buyers. The site features a searchable directory and postings are submitted to all major search engines, maximizing the exposure. Postings are available for virtually all types of property, from apartments, townhouses and villas in destinations such as Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and the USA, with new locations being added all the time. was established in 2008 by Linda and Keely Capel. Both have worked in the travel and property rental industries for a number of years. They spotted a niche in the market for British second home owners who rent out their properties to holiday makers. Many of these owners end up with vacant weeks that they are unable to sell and in view of the current economy genuinley need to secure bookings so they can cover their expenses and costs. Inspired by ebays auction business model, the mother and daughter team set up the UK’s first online auction for holiday rentals.
Managing Director, Keely Capel, a savvy travel professional with a solid experience of providing quality service and competitive prices has worked closely with a team of programmers and designers to ensure the website can handle the expected traffic, along with ensuring a secure and reliable payment system.

Keely comments, “Since launching, sellers have enthusiastically welcomed our site saying its exactly what’s needed. They like the idea of selling to an increased pool of buyers and avoiding the long, tedious process of some other holiday rental websites, preferring the flexibility to amend prices at short notice or at suitable times of the year. Our online auction works in real time, uploads are instant and open the door to qualified buyers. More buyers mean more competition and better prices for sellers who can control the process, setting terms of sale and minimum prices.”

On the subject of on line security for customers Keely advises, “We utilize the leading e-commerce platform PayPal because it offers a safe, convenient way to pay online as well as protecting consumers transactions. As a seller, when you are paid via PayPal, the funds are sent instantly to your PayPal account which can either withdrawn to your bank account, or used to pay for other items directly from your PayPal balance. PayPal also boasts the advantage of a seller protection policy.”

A key to making online auctions effective is not in the technology alone, but also in the marketing assistance that follows the posting. Keely adds,"Unlike other auction sites, we provide 24 hour support and assistance. We realise that people will upload their homes onto the site and be searching for holidays at evenings and weekends and we’re always here to help. Plus we are also arranging strategic partnerships with destination service providers such as harnesses the power of the Internet to benefit holidaymakers and motivated holiday home owners. Buyers can search, bid on and acquire time in holiday properties and sellers can efficiently post properties and market to prospective buyers.
The essential travel shopping experience, travellers can select from a list of international destinations and have the ultimate platform to name their prices on accommodation to come away with huge savings. A communication portal also enables you to to talk directly with the property owner whilst the auction is taking place so you can ask all the questions you want before making your decision. You can access several live auctions simultaneously and an automated bidder facility means you can set a maximum bid. Bidding for some offerings starts at €75 and auctions are set for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. The concept is already proving effective and luring customers from all over the world.

The unique website also assists property owners with an alternative method of selling available holiday weeks. The safe, convenient and easy to use site will assist you with the generation of revenues. Features include a reserve price facility, the option to pre-determine the starting price for your auction, plus the ability to load items at short notice. You can list multiple weeks and also utilise the option of a “Buy now” facility for your prospective clients.
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Overseas Property Blog - Rental Auction Site Picks up Attention as Industry Grows August 2010

Following on from our feature within OPP, both their article and our site was picked up and reviewed by Overseas Property Blog. The post entitled "Rental Auction Site Picks up Attention as Industry Grows" focuses on both innovative and features of the site along with Ross Elder of Holiday Lettings comments.

Overseas Property Professional Magazine -- Online marketplace for holiday rentals August 201

Overseas Property Professional Magazine feature in an artilce regarding the changing landscape of the holiday rental Industry. When questioned by Ross Elder co-founder and MD of, Ross is quoted saying " has entered our industry with a fresh & innovative perspective which is to be respected"

**Please note to read this article you must register on OPP's website. This is free 
alternatively you can read a copy of this article here

Discovering Startups Look, Bid, Book July 2010 is featured on and is reviewed as "Very Interesting!" 

The review covers what does, why it's different, why it could be big and how it will make money. 

Discovering Start ups offers a platform to provide start up internet companies with 
recognition by reviewing them and inviting their readers to vote for their favourite start up.

Pick Your Own Price - The Algarve Resident June 2010

A brief article included in the June 10th edition of the English Newspaper for Portuguese Residents introduces to the Algarve region of Portugal and highlights the features and benefits for both holiday makers and holiday rental owners alike.