Thursday, 2 December 2010

Google makes a move into Holiday Rentals

Reports from Travolution confirm that the investment arm of search engine giant, Google ventures has taken their firt steps into the holiday rental market by purchasing shares in HomeAway, parent company of and

The report suggests that Google with help the group to optimise their sites and simplify their booking processes.

Read Travolutions full report here

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Why Feedback Can Help Boost Bookings

In today’s society travel reviews are big business, with companies such as basing their entire business model on then. However you don’t need to be a multi-dollar business to cash in on this invaluable marketing tool.
 Collecting feedback from your guests and sharing those reviews with others will help you to gain visibility amongst a crowded holiday rental marketplace and those already collecting guest reviews will tell you first hand the connection they have seen with increased enquiries and bookings.

Potential guests booking online will research their accommodation thoroughly and seek out others opinions on the quality of the rental property and the level of service received. With a staggering 80% opting to book a holiday rental that has had at least one review from a previous guest.

Guest reviews help to create trust and creditability and will provide guests with the confidence to book your rental above others and best of all its completely free!

Useful Tips to Help You Collect Feedback

Go the Extra Mile – By making sure your holiday home exceeds your guest’s expectations and by being professional and courteous, guests will be inclined to leave a positive review

Guest Book – Leave a guest book in your holiday rental to allow guests to leave comment whilst there.

Business Cards – Design some professional business cards with a photo of your holiday rental your contact information and your website or reference number on them. Leave these at your holiday home and guest will be sure to take a few with them to pass on to friends and family.

Email - Once they have returned send your guests an email to follow up. Ask them if they enjoyed their stay and if they would mind writing you a review. If your property is listed on a holiday rental portal that allows for guest feedback then provide them with a direct link

How to Use Your Guest’s Feedback to Boost Bookings

Rental Listing Sites – Nowadays most rental websites will allow guests to enter a review directly. However if you guest provides the review on email or verbally them ask them if they are happy for you to add this to your rental advertisement and send them a link once done.

Personal Website – Collect all your reviews and add a page to your personal holiday rental website for guest testimonials. Even had a comment box to the bottom of the page to allow guests to enter these themselves.

Print Advertising – If you have business cards, flyers or posters include one or two of your favourite reviews on them, so potential guests who pick these up can see what other have to say. – Set up a review page on and have your guests write their reviews here. The site is highly optimised meaning that your reviews will come out at the top of Google if anyone does a search.

Negative Feedback – Never ignore negative feedback and never attempt to hide this. Instead let others see it, after all you are only human. However make a point to take on-board what your guests have said and correct where possible. It is also a good idea to answer any negative feedback with your own comment but be careful not to come across to defensive.

Say Thank You – Always thanks your guests for their feedback whether this is on email or by posting a comment in response to their review online.