Thursday, 17 March 2011

5 Must Do Things When Visiting Las Vegas.

In a city like Las Vegas, packed with its casino's, gaming table and countless activities around every corner. There is something for everyone all hours of the day and night.
So, if you looking for a fun filled holiday in Las Vegas, and are seeking a thrill bigger than winning at blackjack, your trip will not be complete unless you experience one of these must do activities.

Las Vegas Sky Diving
For a bigger thrill than winning at roulette and a different view of Sin City, why not strap on a parachute and take a free fall sky dive from 10,000 feet. With most sky diving companies based just outside the Las Vegas, there's no better way view the contrasting ariel view of the glittering strip with its casino's surrounded by baron dessert.

Big Shot at the Stratosphere
Located on the top of the Stratosphere hotel, the big shot is not for those with a weak heart.Launching you at a speed of 45 mph (that's 4 g's) you will be shot 150 feet upwards in just 2.5 second,before free falling to a bungee that will bounce you up and down before returning you to the launch pad.

Imperial Palace Auto Collection
There is no other showroom on the planet where you will find such an assortment of antique, classic, muscle, hot rods, movie and celebrity cars rarely seen elsewhere in public, all of which are on sale if you pockets are deep enough. As the worlds largest and finest collection, it boasts over 250 of the most unique and rare vehicles, across a 125,000sq ft showroom, With knowledgeable staff always on hand able to answer questions on the history and background of each individual car.

Las Vegas Space Flight
Brought to you by The only company of its kind Zero G started out offering zero gravity flights out of Cape Canaveral in 2002 and have now brought the experience to Las Vegas. Using a specially designed Boeing 727, the experience will allow you to feel the effects of a real space filight by re-creating lunar gravity. With a $3.500 price tag it may not the cheapest thing to do whilst in Vegas, but it is certainly the most fun.

Diving with Sharks
For a truly "only in Vegas" experience, take yourself to the Mandalay Bay Hotel's, shark reef aquarium, where as a certified diving you will have the opportunity of a life time to slip into a stainless steel chain mail suit and swim amongst 30 sharks, schools of fish and sea turtles in the 1.3 million gallon exhibit.