Monday, 21 March 2011

Best Sporting Activities on San Diego Beaches

When you have year-round sunshine and a sandy playground at your door, it’s no wonder that San Diegans are always in great shape! Here are a few of the best beach sports and activities; get a tan while you cater to your competitive side!

Beach Volleyball: What’s not to love about this beach-friendly sport? Players become addicted to this super-social sport no matter what their skill level is. Games range from the highly competitive to the mostly-for-fun social players. Both competitive and social players love the side benefits of the sport: getting a tan and getting fit at the same time. It’s a great spectator sport as well. Who doesn’t love watching tall, tan, and fit men and women in a fast-moving and easy-to-follow game of sport like volleyball? Mission Beach is a great place for watching volleyball in San Diego. If you need a place to stay for a few days to watch the action, try Googling Mission Beach vacation rentals for a good place to stay near the beach.

Surfing: San Diego is a city steeped in surf culture, and for good reason. The Pacific Ocean meets the shore in some terrific local breaks. With both gentler surfing areas perfect for beginners and more demanding breaks that are ideal for expert surfers, San Diego is a supreme breeding ground for generation upon generation of surfers to grow up to become excellent wave riders. If you like watching others frolic in the waves more than you like getting wet yourself, head to local spots like Windansea beach where it’s easy to grab a perch on a rock to watch the surfers until the sun sets. Ocean Beach is also a good area to get a dose of surfer/biker culture so check out the vacation rentals in this area if being a surf bum for awhile sounds like your cup of tea.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding: This relatively new sport is a great way to get a workout if you’re not quite up for the challenge of surfing. It’s easy to pick up. You hardly need a lesson—just a little bit of balance. It’s a great relaxing way to cruise around if the surf is down. Try checking out the mission bay area for a relaxing cruise. You can even lie down and work on your tan when you get tired of paddling. If you want more of an adventure, Coronado is a beautiful area of San Diego that you can attempt stand-up paddle surfing if you feel like braving the waves in the Pacific. If this sounds appealing you’ll want to look up Coronado vacation rentals to stay nearby.