Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Things to Do in Portugal - Part 2 Central Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city is full of life and a melting pot of nationalities. With direct flights to Lisbon operating daily from all over the world, it is one of Portugal’s busiest airports.

If you are planning a holiday in Lisbon, then a must see of your list is the Torre de Belem (Belem Tower).  Open from Tuesday – Sunday 10am until 5.30pm. The Torre de Belem is Portugal’s most expressive monument and marks Portugal’s age of discovery. Built in 1515, it was the gateway for many a fleet of ships as they settle sail in search of new lands, in particular India.

Now a UNESCO world heritage monument, you will find many stone sculptures and craving depicting the historical events and figures.

Those looking to take advantage of Lisbon’s shopping need to head to Chiado Down town, bustling with all the brands you can imagine. 

If shopping is not your thing, then simply pull up a seat outside one of the many coffee shops where you can enjoy a famous “Pastel de Nata” whilst listening to the sounds of a saxophone player allowing the sun to soak your skin and charge your batteries ready for the night ahead.

When eating out in Lisbon, a recommendation cannot come higher than that of “100 vicios”. Located in Cascais, the restaurant offers magnificent dishes with flavours of Portuguese style and the Mediterranean, in a simple, clean and modern looking restaurant. 

With Comfort and service at the top of its list, you are sure to meet the nicest staff that have every served you.  Catering for  lunch and dinner opening 11am-3pm and 7pm – Midnight Tuesday –Sunday. As with a lot of places in Portugal Monday is traditional a day of rest, so the restaurant is closed. 

Lisbon's nightlife is buzzing, and one of the best places to go for a few drinks whether its day or night, has to be Docas de Alcântara e Santos, easily reached whether by Subway, bus, taxi, train or car. It is located in the City of Lisbon Docks that bank the Tejo River (Portugal’s largest river) it stretches for 9 or 10kms offering bars, restaurants, and discos.  

Packed full of life, each establishment offers a different type of entertainment, so it should be easy to find a place to for everyone to enjoy.   
Keep following next week, when tell you about Things to Do in the Algarve.