Friday, 15 April 2011

Things you should not miss when in Walt Disney World -Guest Post by Carl Trent

Disney World is enormous. You will probably want try out all the rides but that is not possible but there are some rides if you miss them you might regret that for the rest of your life. It was very difficult for me to narrow it down to a few things but here it is

Expedition Everest
Situated in the Asia area of Animal Kingdom theme park, Expedition Everest is a thrill roller coaster train ride. It is the tallest of all the artificial mountains at Disney World Resorts. I can guarantee you that you are going to love this ride.

Mission Space
It’s a motion simulator ride that imitates a space ride to Mars in future world at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. Feel the thrill of lift off and challenges of space flight at Mission Space. If you ever wondered what it feels to ride in space then check this ride out.

It’s a multi sensory attraction also situated in EPCOT theme park that imitates a hand gliding flight experience over the golden state of California.

The Haunted Mansion
It is a dark ride located in the Magic Kingdom in Disney world. As you come near the mansion, butlers and maids greet you at the door and take you into the library. There you will mount the Doom Buggies for your journey through the mansion.  There you’ll be told the story of a black widow bride and her many husbands. It’s a real nice and spooky ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean are also a dark ride situated in the Magic kingdom, Walt Disney World. It’s a pirate themed boat ride in adventureland.

The Jungle Cruise
The Jungle Cruise will take you on a deluxe tour of the world's most exotic rivers in Asia, Africa and South America, in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom theme park.

Tower of Terror
Situated inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme park, the twilight zone Tower of Terror is a must visit ride. Even if you are faint hearted, jump at the smallest things still don’t miss this ride. You will regret not getting on this ride for the rest of your life. 

Rock N Roller Coaster
Rock N Roller coaster featuring Aerosmith is a steel roller coaster ride in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood studios. It is located next to twilight zone tower of terror. Experience a thrill ride while enjoying music.

The Great Movie Ride
Also in Disney’s Hollywood studios, another must ride is The Great Ride. It’s a thrill ride which takes audiences through scenes from legendary movies throughout history. A must watch for movie geeks out there like me.

Hope you all take time to visit all the rides I’ve mentioned. I’m sure riding these rides only once won’t be enough for you. Have a great time at Walt Disney World.