Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Top 4 Vacation Destination Days Out in Houston

Looking for that something special to do when you take a trip to Houston well here we are going to preview four of the top rated attractions for a family day out which will help you plan your trip and show you what is on offer.

Houston Space Center

The Houston Space Center is repeatedly ranked as the top tourist and visitor attraction in Houston. The Center allows visitors to get to grips with what it is really like to become an astronaut and where else are you likely to get firsthand knowledge and advice from a real live astronaut?

The exhibits are usually interactive and hands on and will appeal to all ages but children in particular are going to be engaged all day in what is a very interesting and highly educational learning experience. You can learn about the very early origins of rocket development, the NASA Space Program which first put men into space and then on the Moon and is now a key component of the International Space Station. You can also see what tomorrow has in store with the preparations and training for manned missions to Mars.

The Battle of San Jacinto Battleground and Museum

Texas was not always a part of the United States, it actually belonged to Mexico who sought to reassert their rights against settlers in what had become known as the Runaway Scrape territory in what is now modern Texas. Santa Anna invaded the territory and sought to remove settlers and impose Mexican direct rule on the territory but a revolutionary army of Texans was formed under General Sam Houston who eventually defeated the Mexican army decisively at the Battle of San Jacinto resulting in the capture of Santa Anna and the annexation of Texas by the United States and paving the way for westward expansion of the US to the Pacific shores. The battlefield site also includes the Battleship Texas floating museum which is formed by the last of the dreadnoughts, The Texas and is also the very first floating museum made from a decommissioned US military warship.

The Houston Museum District

Houston is a vibrant and very fast growing metropolis and has been since it was first formed as a planned city in 1837. With the abundant wealth that has been produced and the multi cultural population that has been attracted to this great city has come a huge interest in the arts, history and appreciation of culture generally with the patrons to support the activities. Houston is one of the world’s global cities precisely because of its standing in cultural terms and has an international reputation for art and natural sciences and not just oil and cowboys. There are 18 museums comprising the district and more than 11 are completely free the entire year.

American Cowboy Museum

The American Cowboy Museum is based on a ranch at Alameda on the outskirts of Houston and here you can spend a day or longer learning the ropes as a cowboy. There are plenty of activities to get involved with and all of the family can enjoy a thoroughly enjoyable (and tiring) day out in the open countryside exploring the rich heritage and traditions of Texan cowboys.

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