Monday, 30 May 2011

Top Things to Do In Istanbul

With a population of over 13.1 million, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul tourism can be overwhelming as you decide what to do, where to sleep, food to eat and sites to see.
We recommend:

 Sleeping in Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul . The Çırağan Palace Kempinski is the only Imperial Ottoman Palace & Hotel by the Bosphorus.The hotel consists of two buildings: the restored palace, which features special suites, restaurants, and banquet facilities, and the adjoining grand hotel, which features five-star accommodations and a range of facilities.

Eating at Mimolett . Open since December 2009, this fine-dining restaurant & bar serves selections from Mediterranean and French cuisines. The décor matches the restaurant’s Michelin aspirations, with a huge Murano chandelier, dark wood floors, and purple velvet curtains.

Drinking at Rouge. Located just off Taksim Square, Rouge is a wine bar, restaurant, and wine shop all in one. Rouge serves over 260 varieties of Turkish and international wines that have been carefully selected. This eclectic venue is decorated with artworks, mahogany, and splashes of color on walls and chandeliers. 

Go out in Reina, a club with one of the best views of the Bosphorus, located right under the Boğaziçi Bridge. A complex that includes some of the best restaurants under its roof in addition to the flashy bar and dance floor, Reina is expected to attract the glitterati of Istanbul to dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning yet again.

Visiting Haydarpaşa Tren Garı (Haydarpaşa Railway Station). Located on the Asian side of the city, the Haydarpaşa Railway Station has been a major hub of transport in Istanbul since 1872, and is indeed the largest and busiest rail terminal in the Middle East. The station is of course a prime sightseeing destination for any train enthusiast, but should appeal to others too; the interior is an interesting contrast to the Germanic exterior with its semi-domed ceiling and tiles, and the hubbub of the station is exciting even if you’re not about to catch the express to deepest parts of Anatolia.

Shopping at Simay Bülbül. The leather used is buttery-soft and most of the pieces entirely made of leather are cut loose for a causal feel. Bülbül creates a new collection not be season but by month, so there is always an exciting cache to rifle through. Prices are pleasantly surprising reasonable

Source: The Guide Istanbul is a sharp, sophisticated, and trustworthy filter for the city’s happenings, offering a comprehensive listings of restaurants, bars, hotels, and more