Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tips and Advice for Car Rentals

Choosing a car rental company and deciding what kind of deal to go for is generally one of the major decisions for many holiday makers. Depending on what kind of travel you are undertaking, you will require a different means of transport. A business trip to a big city versus a family holiday in the wilderness is incredibly different in terms of rental car needs. Here are some general tips and advice about what to look out for when looking at different car rentals.

Type of Vehicle – You will need to pay attention to how many people will need a seat, how much luggage you have to carry, are there any infants or children needing special seating and pets. These are all factors that you will need to think about regarding the size of the car you need. You can also think about the mileage you intend to travel and what car is more fuel efficient to avoid high refuelling costs. The final decision regarding car type will be in reference to weather conditions and terrain. If you are going to be driving across rugged terrain then a 4x4 may be more suitable, though if yu are driving along motorways or in the city, a less specific car will be fine.

Package Cost- You will find a variation on price according to different offers and packages the companies are currently holding. It is important to check for hidden costs and extras that you may not need but have been added on. In general you will rent a car on a day by day basis and pay extra for any additions such as car seats, sat nav systems and trailers. Taking some time to go over the bill and make sure you are in fact paying for everything you need and not for extras that you will not use is always a good idea.

Insurance – Most car rental companies will have a range of different insurance options that you can choose from depending on your specific circumstances. It is vital to get some insurance on your rental so that you are not faced with unexpected charges upon return. Should anything happen to the vehicle while in your care you can find yourself paying a great deal of money in compensation. Talk over your options with the car rental company so that you are fully aware of what the different insurance options involve and find the one that best suits you.

When picking up the vehicle you have hired make sure that you check the entire car over thoroughly. Make sure that you note down and point out to the company any scratches, dents or problems that you can see on the car before you take it away so that you are not held responsible upon return. Taking extra time and care to read through small print and check over the rental car before driving away will all work to protect you from potentially wasting of a lot of time and money in the future, allowing you to relax and enjoy your ride.

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