Monday, 25 July 2011

5 Romantic Places to Visit in Italy

If you wish to go for a vacation with your partner and you want that vacation to be memorable then why not visit Italy and create some great holiday memories that will last a lifetime? Italy is reputed to be romance personified and so you can expect to spend quality time with your partner here. If romantic getaway is topmost on your mind, there are lots of exquisite destinations in Italy where you and your precious loved one can have a great time. Given below are five romantic places in Italy that should be a must-visit on your list if you want a romantic and dreamy holiday in Italy:

Can a trip to Italy with your loved one be complete without visiting Venice? Venice should definitely be high on your priority list when you are in Italy, irrespective of whether you are visiting the country with your loved one or with your entire family, but of course it makes it a thousand times better if you and your loved one enjoy in this magical and fairytale-like city in solitude. The famous gondolas, the narrow streets, the winding canals would instill a sense of unspeakable joy in you and you will find that love is in the air in this almost surreal city. You can visit churches, squares, romantic restaurants, cafes, piazza and San Marco Cathedral while exploring the intricate network of canals. 

Lake Como
Who says that a romantic holiday should only be about visiting grand palaces, malls, public squares or other man-made structures? One can have a romantic outing in the midst of the creations of Mother Nature too. Lake Como is one of the most popular romantic spots in Italy. Lovers can visit the lake and spend some time admiring its beauty. The lake is surrounded by mountains and hills and couples can also visit the quaint villages dotting the shores for some alone-time.

If the idea of visiting lakes or Venice does not really tickle your fancy and you want to do something more unique with your partner on your romantic getaway then you should consider visiting Taormina and you are bound to have a great time. Since this town is situated on a mountain, a visit to Taormina with your partner is bound to be strewn with loving moments like the romantic views of Mount Etna and also of the coast. You can spend hours sitting and chatting with your partner while enjoying the view of the city.

Do your partner and you share a common love like perhaps chocolates? In that case why don’t you both plan to visit Perugia in Italy? This city is a medieval hill town situated at the heart of Italy and it holds a reputation of being a paradise for chocolate lovers not just because of the taste but its aphrodisiac attributes as well. Indulging in the famous Baci chocolate while here can result in the most romantic holidays ever.

Gulf of Poets
Want to escape into a paradise and have privacy while you and your partner get lost in each other’s eyes? In that case a visit to the Gulf of Poets is a must. As stunning as the name of the place sounds, the appearance of the place is even better. It is actually quite an intimate town and you will be able to experience full privacy without having to come across a lot of tourist or groups.

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