Friday, 27 January 2012

Airline Travel Restrictions – Know the Rules

By Keely Capel

The UK, USA and Europe among other worldwide locations have some very strict security measuresin place when it comes to air travel. Toensurethat dangerous items cannot get onboard a flight and cause safety or securty risks to you and other paasengers.

Know What You Can Take on a Flight.

The rules on what you are allowed to take on an aircraft as hand luggage are very strict and it is advisable to check directly with the airline you are travelling on as to how much hand luggage and the size and shape you are allowed.

Rules on Liquids

You are still allowed to take liquids onboard a flight, however there are restriction in place on what you can take in your hand luggage. Liquids include everything such as sprays, gels and pastes and creams. For a full list of these items then please read our post on carry on restrictions.

Dangerous and Restricted Items

Airline security means that you will not be allowed to carry onboard any object that is considered dangerous inyour hand luggage that may cause injury to you or other passangers and these items will be confiscated by airport security if yous should attempt to.. Some items that are not allowed in your hand luggage might be premitted in hold luggage though. The list below is a guideline as to what you can and cannot take in your hand luggage, but other restrictions may apply so its always worth checking with your airline before you pack.

Item                    Allowed in Hand Luggage                     Allowed in Hold Luggage

Corkscrew                           No                                                                   Yes
Spoon                                  Yes                                                                  Yes
Knife(with a sharp or               No                                                                   Yes
pointed blade/or a blade
no longer then 6cm)
Small Scissors                    Yes                                                                  Yes
(with blades no longer
than 6cm)
Larger Scissors                  No                                                                    Yes
(with blades longer
than 6cm)
Round-ended/blunt             Yes                                                                   Yes
Scissors (of any
Disposable Razor              Yes                                                                   Yes
Nail Clippers/file                 Yes                                                                   Yes
Tweezers                             Yes                                                                   Yes
Kniting Needles                  Yes                                                                   Yes
Sewing Needles                 Yes                                                                   Yes
Umbrella                              Yes                                                                   Yes
Walking stick/ 1                  Yes                                                                   Yes
cane, walking aid
Strike anywhere matches  No                                                                    No
(non safety matches)
Fireworks, Flares               No                                                                    No
or other pyrotechnics,
including party poppers
and toy caps
Cigarette Lighter                No (may carry a single                                       No
                                             lighter on your person)
Contact Lens Solution       Yes (but no more than Yes

Electronic Items

Nowdays almost all electronic items are premitted onboard a flight and are find to take in your hand luggage, although may devices cannot be used at certain times of the flight: This included things like, mobile phones, laptops, ipods/ipads, camcorders, and cameras, Pagers, Blackberrys and PDA's, hairdryers, straighteners, travel irons and electric razors.

Sports Equipment.

The only item of sports equipment permitted in the cabin is a parachute, all other items must be stowed in the hold of the aircraft, however in the case of diving equipment then oxygen cyclinders are not premitted on a plane at all and some airlines may restrict the carriage of firearms.

Medical Supplies.

All medical supplies are allowed onboard a flight and in the cabin itself. However on certain itemssuch as medical liquids or gels then airline or airport clearance may be required, especially if measuring over 100ml.

Baby Food and Milk.

Security has been relaxed on baby supplies, however certain restrictions still apply. You are only premitted to care baby milk or made formula ifyou are a parent travelling with the child and any sterlising fluid must be contained within a baby's bottle.