Friday, 20 January 2012

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe When Travelling

When going on holiday it is never ideal to take vast amounts of jewellery or other valuable items with you, however with the rise of electronics, the most valuable items we now take away with us are things like ipods/ipads, digital cameras, Kindles and our mobile phones. Most of which are all very expensive.

So how to you keep your personal belongings safe when your on holiday?

Firstly, only take those items that are essential to the enjoyment of your holiday. If you can do without the laptop and can connect to email or internet on your phone, then leave this and/or your Ipad at home.

If you must bring the items, then do not leave them on display. If you are renting a holiday home, then treat it in the same way you would when you leave your own home unattended.

Put them away in draws or cupboaards to they are out of sight to anyone who might peek through a window or door. Better still if your holiday accommodation has a safe then use it. Lock all money, passports, electronics and jewellery you are not using in it at all times.

If out and about, or lyimg around a shared swimming pool, then don't make it obvious that you have expensive items with you and never walk away and leave them on your sunbed or table even just for a second. Theives can steal from you in a blink of an eye without you even noticing. Unfortunately when you are aboard you are more relaxed than at home as well as standing out like a sore thumb as a tourist.

Theives pick up on this and use it to their advantage.

If carrying items in a bag, make sure the bag is firmly closed, and ideally use a bag with a zip and buckle to make it difficult for a theif to sneak inside without you realising. Also don't hang the bag losely on your arm, in your hand or on your shoulder. Where it across your body, in front of you and tucked under your arm to make it difficult for someone to reach without your knowledge.

Bag snatches are one of the biggest causes of theif on holiday.

If you have to carry items such as passports or larger amounts of money with you then it might be worthwhile investing in a money belt that you can strap securely around your waist area under clothing.

If hiring a car, then never have your bag on the seat or near to an open window as its very easy for someone to lean in and grab it when you are stationary at traffic lights or in a jam. Even though you may feel safe in the country you are in, even if they have a lower crime rate than at home, never leave your accommodation or your car unlocked and never leave anything of any value in your car when are not with it. Even if it is out of sight.

Car hire vehicles are easily distinugisable, as they normally have a sticker or number plate logo that states they are a rental car so thieves will target these before local cars in the hope of obtaining items of value.

Above all, keep your wits about you. You may be on holiday, you may be relaxed, but that doesn't mind crime doesn't happen. Act as you would do everyday at home, just because your on holiday it doesn't mean you are exempt from being a victim of crime.