Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How to Make Your Holiday Rental Eco-Friendly

With global warming on everyone's lips, eco-friendly holidays are becoming increasely popular with tourists.and holiday rentals are no exception. With many of the holiday rental websites adding dedicated sections for owners who have eco-friendly rentals and promoting these with featured listing, how can you make your holiday rental eco-friendly and join this growning trend?

So you holiday home may have been purpose built but without the evironment mind, but no fear there are still a number of things you can do to make your holiday rental appeal to eco-friendly tourists and save you money at the same time.

Become Energy Efficent

Make sure your holiday rental is properly insulated around the doors and windows and install ceiling fans as a cost effective alternative to air conditioning. Buy energy efficent applicances and make sure you have your fridge and freeze set at the proper temperature as setting it to low will actually cost you more money and use more energy.

Collect Water

Depending on where your holiday rental is located you may already have a cisterna to collect unused water such as rainwater for use in your home. If you don't look at how you can adapt your holiday rental to make use it. It could be as simple as a drum under the guttering to be used for watering the gardern and plants.

Recylce and Encourage Guests to

Invest in a recylcing bin for your holiday rental. Once that has several seperate compartments, one for plastics, one for food waste, one for glass or cardboard. If you can't get a purpose made recycling bin then look at getting 5 different bins and labeling each for a certain use, cardboard, glass, plastic, organic waste, and metals. As well as labelling them clearly, make sure to include your request for guests to recycle within your house book with clear instructions as to where they should dispose of the bags when they are full.

Reuseable Recycled Shopping Bags.

Most supermarkets now offer reusable shopping bags or baskets made from recycled good. It worth investing in several of these to leave in your holiday rental with a note in your house book to encourage guests to take these and make use of them instead of bringing home handfuls of plastic bags with the shopping. If you cannot get hold of the reusable shopping bags, than as a minimum install a plastic bag holder in a cupboard or under the sink so that guests collect and re-use these instead of just throwing them in the bin.

Eco-Friendly Household Products

Invest in eco-friendly cleaning products to be used in your holiday rental along with recycled and chlorine-free toilet rolls and biodegradable rubbish bags for your guests to use.

Recommend Local Green Companies and Produce.

Included in your house book a list of local produce markets and store that yout guests can visit and look at local attractions and activities that promote being green and are eco-friendly that you can advise your guests off.
 And finally once you have made your home eco-friendly make sure you tell everyone about it. Include the details in your house book, update your rental ads to clearly state you are eco-friendly and tell everyone what you are going to help the environment and tell your guests how they can help.