Friday, 13 January 2012

Remember to Pack These Essential Items

Most people take a holiday to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. To escape work, house, kids and responsibility and relax and unwind. So the last thing you want to find when you arrive at your perfect holiday rental is that you have forgotten the essentials and will have to spend the week running around trying to sort out the mess…. More stress!!

Planning out a few things in advance and drawing up a list of essential items to take with you will help make sure that doesn’t happen. So here is a few tips on essential items to remember to pack. 

We all know it’s not a wise idea to take a significant amount of money with you when travelling aboard and now days you can find a cash machine in even the most remote places in the world. Your bank may charge for an overseas withdrawal and there might be commission payable but this is a small price to pay versus losing all your spending money if it’s stolen. However just in case it is a wise idea to take some cash with you and if you do not want to use your cards aboard then think about taking travelers cheques or the prepaid holiday money visa cards which are now readily available in the most common international currencies. 

Substitute Money
If you live in the western world, depending on where you are travelling to a number of disposable everyday items can carry I high price and are a good tool to bargain with. Examples are things such as biros in Kenya, baseball caps, Marlboro cigarettes or levi jeans in Jamaica or bath products in Cuba, can see you secure a great deal on swapping these items in return for Souvenirs you’ll want to take home. So it’s always worth considering a little investigation and perhaps throwing in a think or two into your case. 

First Aid Essentials
Always make sure you pack Asprin, Antacids and other over the counter medicines such as mosquito spray. You never know when you may have to recover from a hangover or get hit but the common cold and by having a small wash bag packed with the essentials it could save you time and money and rule out having to visit chemists or doctors whilst on your holidays, which can add up to a very expensive trip if you are not careful.

Emergency Clothing
If you are taking more than one bag, i.e hand luggage and a suitcase for the hold, make sure you spread your clothes between both and as a minimum have at least one full change of clothing in your hand luggage. There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination to discover your suitcase has headed in the opposite direction. Worse still if you only have the clothes you are standing it. This way you want be forced to have to by a whole new wardrobe whilst on holiday. However in the event you luggage should go missing, you can normally buy additional clothing and reclaim this from your holiday insurance.

Invest in a universal adaptor that can be used anywhere in the world. You may choose not to take electronic items like a hair dryer, but even your phone and ipod require some form of charge and it is not always easy or cheap to pick up an adaptor in your holiday destinations. Another point on plugs and this might sound very silly, but take a bath plug! You would be surprised at the number of hotels or holiday rentals that do not have them. Especially if travelling outside of Europe. There would be nothing worse than after a long hot sweaty day that you were not able to have a soak in the bath due to a missing bath plug. 

Most holiday accommodation will offer towels as standard, but you cannot always guarantee the size or condition of them (or if they have been used by others before you) so it is always advisable to pack at least one small towel just in case. Whilst on this subject it is also a good idea to pack at least travel size products such as toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo. Not all hotels offer these complimentary and most Holiday Rentals don’ts, but again buying these when in your holiday resort can often be a lot more expensive than bringing them with you.

Now women normally always take to many, however there is a down side to taking too few. Make sure you have a least one back up pair of comfortable safe shoes just in case the ones you have with you should break, become damaged or get soaking wet. There is nothing worse than being stuck barefoot!

Prepare for Anything
You may be heading off to the hottest place on earth, but that doesn’t mean freak weather will not interfere with your holiday. Make sure that you take something warm with you and a raincoat just in case, as its not much fun being in a t-shirt and shorts with bitter rain and wind. This also applies if you are going to a colder destination; make sure you layer up with items that can be removed if you become to warm, use sleeveless tops as vests under t-shirts and jumpers and at least you will not be boiling up if the sun does come out.