Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Taking Care of your Holiday Home

Although not your main residence, your holiday home is still probably the second largest investment you have made and therefore caring for it is important. However unlikely to main house you are probably only likely to visit your holiday property for short periods of time such as holidays which can cause a number of stresses for even the most experienced of holiday home owners and maintenance can prove tricky and probably the most commonly asked question by anyone who has invested in a holiday home is “how do I take of my holiday property when I’m not there?”

Having been asked this question a number of times, we thought it a good idea to give you some handy and helpful tips on what you can do to ensure your holiday property is taken care of when you’re not around.

Drawing up an inventory of items left or kept in your holiday home is also a good idea. In the event that the property is broken into and things stolen, you will be easily able to identity what is missing and well as make a note of anything damaged that requires replacement .

When leaving your holiday home after a stay, be sure to leave everything ship shape.  Check the walls and ceilings for any signs of damp that could indicate a leaking pipe, if you discover a problem the make sure you get it fixed.  Leaving it could end up resulting in the leak spreading to other areas and creating more damage and a much bigger problem and headache for you in the future. Ideally you should check the property thoroughly to make sure that the plumbing, wiring and general structure is all in good order.

If your holiday home is going to remain empty for a substantial length of time between visits then invest in some dust covers to cover furniture and upholstery and cover items like sofas, dining table & chairs and beds with them.  These can be easily purchased from any main stream home store and are also useful for protecting other items from sun damage that can be caused by the harsh sunlight that might stream through a window onto them.  An added benefit of investing a little time and money into dust covers is that it will save you from having to do loads of dusting on your next holiday.