Monday, 9 January 2012

Top 5 Places to Visit in Andorra

A mountainous country sandwiched between France and Spain and the smallest country in Europe. Andorra is famed not for its cultural landmarks but for its shopping and short weekend breaks. 

However as a ski destination it has started to develop its popularity for winter sports, which in the summer the same mountains offer excellent hiking and scenery make it an ideal destination of an activity holiday.

La Vella
The capital of Andorra and its largest city La Vella is a get place to visit as an alternative city break and ideal for those hoping to enjoy the shopping. With the hustle and bustle of any capital it is not for those looking for a relaxing countryside break. However city break apartments in La Vella offer good quality and excellent value for money.

Sordeny National Park
If visiting Andorra during the spring or summer month then Sordeny National Park it the best place for those looking for activities holidays as it offers some excellent hiking opportunities. As a nature preserve you will also be delighted by the selection of wildlife to be found like Chamois goat Antelope. If you are looking to stay locally, then check out holiday rentals on apartments and chalets in Ordino. 

La Cortinada
For a truly Andorran holiday the you should consider booking a holiday property in La Cortinada which offers visitors peace and quiet with a rustic romantic way of life. Whilst there be sure to visit the San Marti Church, which boast beautiful frescoes.

Encamp and Pas de las Casa
The most popular of all Andorra resorts when it comes to winter sports, although 40 minutes apart, Pas de las Casa is actually part of Encamp, but is highly popular as a ski destination due to its easy accessibility and vibrant and lively nightlife that attracts skier and snowboarders alike.
Besides the skiing, whilst in Encamp be sure to check out the National Automobile Museum which offers a wide array of vintage cats and the added attraction of its duty free shops that draw the crowds for those looking to take advantage of a bit of tax free shopping whilst on their skiing holiday.