Friday, 6 January 2012

Top Tips for Staying Safe Whilst Travelling

We all love the sense of adventure that travelling on holiday gives us, the excitement of leaving the everyday mundane behind, if only for a while. However there is a side to travelling that many of us choose to ignore, yet if you follow the follow brief set of tips you can rest assured that you will be safe when holidaying this year.

With package holidays no longer the norm, independent travel is on the rise, with flights, holiday accommodation and transport often booked separately. However insurance is the one thing most holiday makers think they can do without. Yet by taking out an holiday insurance policy not only will you be covered for the duration of your holiday, but you will also be covered in the event something unexpected happens in the run up to it, for delays and/or missed flights, medical emergencies, and thief or loss of personal items. 

Know You Location
If booking independent accommodation, such as a holiday apartment or villa then be sure to know the full address of the holiday property and its exact location. In the event of an emergency not every country is able to location a street address so being able to direct someone in could be essential. Likewise, if you should be unable to get back to your holiday villa on your own you will need to be able to show someone where they are going.  Also be aware of your surroundings and try and vary the times you come and go from your property to deter thieves. At night before you go to sleep make sure that your holiday accommodation is properly secure and that all doors and windows are securely locked and safety chains put across. 

Money Money Money
We all need to take spending money abroad with us, and most will like to ensure they have enough to see them through without worry, however it is never a good idea to take big wads of cash with you. Not only is it a silly idea in case you should drop it or lose it, it is also likely to draw unwanted attention to you. Instead opt to take a debit/credit card, traveler’s cheques or the new pre-paid credit cards with holiday currency on them.  Once you have arrived at your hotel or holiday rental, find the safe and be sure to store all excess cash and your card in it when not using them and never carry more than is needed on you in public. 

In Case of Emergency
There are several things you should prepare when holidaying aboard. First is an emergency contact number that is carried on you either on paper in your wallet or stored on a mobile phone, so that should anything happen others are able to contact your next of kin. Secondly, it is always a good idea to prepare a small first aid kit with bandages, plasters, pain relief and stomach remedies to save you having to seek out and pay for medical attention aboard. Likewise if you require regular medication make sure these are in the original boxes to avoid being questioned at airports and keep a list of what you are taken written down with you at all times. 

Getting Around
Whether you choose to hire a car or take public/private transport, always use reputable companies and marked taxi’s  Be aware of the condition of the vehicles you are in and make a point to find out if you are covered if its car hire in the event of something happening. As a tourist in a foreign country you are vulnerable to targeted ‘accidents’ and inflated prices, so a little research in advance will ensure you avoid such things.