Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What to Include in Your Check-In Policy

When planning to rent out your holiday home as a holiday rental one of the most important documents you will need to draw up is a check-in policy.

It's quite a simply and straight-forward job, but its essential that you make sure you establish some bsic rules for your guests to follow. That way you can stop problems before they even occur and address any potential complaints before guests arrive, helping you to keep control on your holiday rental and stopping things escalutung in to major issues.

There are two areas that you need to focus on to ensure the smooth arrival and check-in of all your holiday rental guests:

Pre Arrival Information

Crreate a pre arrival pack that you can forward to all holiday rental guests after they have booked and before they arrive at your holiday rental property. Include things like details directions, check-in instructions, and any specific points that your holiday rental guests should be aware of before they arrive at the holiday rental property.

House Book

Compile a welcome book to be left in your holiday rental for guests when they arrive. Place information about how to operate applicances, local transport services and taxi numbers and information on local attractions that your holiday rental guests might enjoy.

Its always best to duplicate the most important information for your holiday rental so that your holiay rental guests can receive this before and when they arrive.

Always be clear and concise when laying out your check-in policy and include any important rules in your holiday rental contract as well. This should include:

Early Check-in's/Late Departures: This will help avoid guests arrving at your holiday rental property before it has been probably cleaned and will also ensure they depart in time to allow for cleaning before the next guests arrive at your holiday rental.

Clearly state things like day, date and time of arrival and departure i.e:

Check – In Is Saturday, 14th June at 14:00 –No Early Check-In
Departure is Satuday 21st June at 10:00 – No Late Check-Out

Reporting of Complaints: Make sure your holiday rental guests let you know straight away about any complaints they might have by stipulating that complaints are reported immediately on arrival. Its crucialy that your holiday rental guest inspect your holiday rental property immediately on arrival so that you may notify your property management company or cleaner of any issues regarding cleanliness or maintenance allowing you to safeguard yourself again refund requests or negative rental reviews later on.

Please inspect the holiday rental immediately on arrival for cleanliness. If ANYTHING is not to standard, please contact the housekeeper immediately on XXX XXX XXX.

To make sure guests remember to do this as soon as they arrive, its an ideal to put a reminder on the front page of your welcome book.

As an example, your front page of your welcome book should be a letter from you as the holiday rental owner ans read something like the followimg:

Dear Guests,

Welcome! We hope you arrived safely and had no problems in locating our home.

We know you are ready to start your holiday and relax and we would like you to make yoursself at home right way. However we would like to ask all guests to take a few minutes to check the property and report any issues they find immediately to our property management company on XXX XXX XXX

In this welcome book you will find all the information you will need to know whilst renting our home. From instructions on how to operate applicances to suggestion for restaurants and bars and a list of local attractions.

Should you have any question through-out your stay then you can contact our property manager on XXX XXX who will be happy to help you.

Please enjoy your stay and we hope you will come back and visit us again soon.

Ted and Jane Smith