Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Booking a Last Minute Deal on Holiday Lettings

By Keely Capel 

If you haven’t done this before, then booking a last minutedeal on holiday lettings, could leave you scratching your head. There are several methods that will work for finding the best last minute deals, however one thing you may need is time. 

Depending on how much time you can invest in searching out and booking your last minute deal you may choose one of the following options: 

If time is not limited, pick the most appealing holidaylettings websites and begin to scroll through the various destinations and properties types they have available. When you find a property that catches your attention take a few minutes to look through the description, noting its location, price and number of bedrooms and make a note of the property reference number.  It may also be an idea to look at the booking calendar to ensure the dates you want are still available. Repeat this number of times until you have a good selection of options that fit with the type of holiday you are looking for.  Now using the property reference numbers go back to each property and contact the owner via the holiday letting site. When you do, you want to make sure you are clear on the dates you want and ask if there are any last minute deals being offered on the availability; If you don’t ask you may not get.   

This is why I stated the need for time, scrolling through what can sometime be hundreds if not thousands of properties will require a good amount of time, if not a lot of patience. You will also need to wait on the holiday letting company or owner to answer the phone, return your message or respond to your email.
One note to be aware of also, is that not everyone is great at keeping their booking calendars up to date, so you may find several holidaylettings you have selected are already booked. Hence its best to compile a list of your favourite 10 at least so as not be disappointed. 

Alternatively, if you have neither the time nor the patience, then my recommendation would be to refine your search. Pick a destination and determine the type of accommodation you want before you even begin your search. Set out what you want as a minimum from your last minute deal and what would be the absolute best deal you could want to achieve. Now using this information visit a selection of holiday lettings websites and check if they have a last minute deals section. If they don’t move on for now; it’ll save you time in the long run.  Use holiday lettings sites that don’t just advertise the holiday properties listings and rely on the owner to update an availability calendar manually. Look for holiday lettings sites that offer live availability, like does. This means that when you find a property that interests you, you can be sure it is available for the dates you want.  Some holiday lettings sites will advertise fixed prices, others will offer discounts and some will offer auctions like we do. Which every you choose, if you are checking live availability you can make you short list of properties knowing you can secure a booking on any and then just pick the best one. Click the book now button and make a reservation immediately online using your credit card. Hey pesto! You have booked you last minute deal on a holiday letting.

I certainly believe the second method is a lot quicker and stress free, allowing you to have booked your last minute deal within only a short period of time having searched out and found what you are looking for.  But if time is not an issue than feel free to use the first option, just be prepared that it may be several days before you can relax in the knowledge that you have finally booked for last minute holiday letting. 

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