Monday, 4 March 2013

How to Find Great Late Deals on Last Minute Holidays

By Keely Capel

With all the doom and gloom of the current climate, who’s not looking for savings, least not mentioning the horrific weather the UK has been experiencing of recent.  It’s no surprise that you are looking for a last minute holiday and with the economy as it is, you would not be alone when it comes to wanting to find a great late deal on your holiday.

Opting at the last minute to get away on a holiday can present some challenges, however it also presents the opportunity to find huge savings on late deals that remain unsold. One of’s specialities is bringing to you the consumer the very best of last minute holiday accommodation; sometimes with over 50% off the original price. 

Holiday Auctions have been around for a while, but if you have a few spare minutes to search the web, packaging things together yourself could result in you getting an even better price.  With late deals available on over 100 holiday properties around the world for last minute holidays leaving this weekend, holiday auctions allow you to remain in charge for your budget; ensuring you find a great deal on your last minute getaway. 

The principle behind a holiday auction is that you can control the price you are prepared to pay, allowing you to set the limit on what you are prepared to spend on your last minute holiday. Bidding on a late deal is no different than bidding in a normal auction; simply select the destination and property that interests you and register your interest by placing a bid. If your bid is the highest you win. 

The trick to making sure you get a great late deal is to keep your options open and have two or three properties lined up that you would be happy to stay in. That way if you miss out on your first choice, you will still have a chance of securing a last minute holiday.  

All holiday auction availability is live, so you will know instantly that you have secured your last minute holiday of choice and are free to make arrangements for transportation. A number of people who participate in holiday auctions will have already checked out flight availability before placing a bid and will sometimes have both of these running at the same time so the minute they know they have found their late deal they can confirm their flight reservation as well. With low cost airlines flying to all major destinations now days, there is never too much concern as to whether you will find a flight, it’s more about the cost. By placing an initial bid on your holiday auction you can then begin to search around for flights that match and compare prices whilst the holiday auction runs its course. Again if you have two or three options lined up you can be comfortable in the knowledge you will secure accommodation and confirm your flights before the holiday auction ends.

If you are looking to escape the winter blues, then we would highly recommend taking a look at the holiday auction currently on offer at