Monday, 11 March 2013

The New Way to Book Rental Holidays

Rental holidays have their own unique following. Once a rental holiday is experienced, most become lifelong fans and many would never consider any other type of holiday than a rental holiday. 

For those who have yet to experience it, rental holidays offer you a truly new way of enjoying and relaxing on your down time.  A home away from home if you like, with everything at your fingertips that you would want. Plus the added benefit of the privacy and personal touch a rental property can offer. 

Normally located in excellent positions whether be close to the beach and resort activities or nestled away in a cozy quiet spot. Holiday rentals started with private advertisements in local papers and specialty magazines. However with the raise of the internet and people becoming more adventurous in tailor-making their holiday experience, a number of dedicated holiday rental website began to spring up, to help accommodate the needs of people seeking private holiday accommodation which was also facilitated by the availability of low cost airfares to almost anywhere in the world. 

Nowadays is has become the norm for people to visit one or more of these rental holiday website to seek out the holiday rental that best suits their requirements. However there are several downsides that have emerged with the grown of the rental holiday industry. 

These include lack of updated availability, with many property managers or home owners neglecting to keep their listings current with updated booking calendars and a marked increase in pricing driving by the growing demand for rental holidays. 

Holiday auctions take all the good points booking  rental holidays and try to eliminate the bad as much as possible. With a holiday auction you can be sure that the rental holiday you are bidding on is truly available right there and then in real time, rather than having to email or call the owner to confirm this before you book; saving you time and allowing you to make a booking almost instantly. Another added benefit of a holiday a auction is that you can have control over the price paid. Holiday auctions are all about bidding at a price you feel is fair and reflects what is on offer, as oppose accepting a fix priced set on advertisement. 

Plus they are fun! 

Holiday auctions allow you to pitch one holiday property against the other and wait it out so that you can get a price that fits with you budget. They are about making it quick and easy for you to see exactly what is available on your chosen dates and in your preferred location and are a great way to have a bit of fun whilst you make your next rental holiday reservation. Often a holiday auction will present you with an excellent opportunity to confirm top quality holiday accommodation that on more traditional rental holiday websites may have been priced outside of your budget or to explore new and exciting destinations at a price so reasonable that you can bring out the adventurer in you and perhaps escape to new locations more than just a handful of time a year. 

Whether you are an experienced holiday renter or not, you should as a minimum experience a holiday auction for at least one rentalholiday. We’d love to know if you enjoy it as much as we do!