Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What are Holiday Rentals?

Holiday rentals are privately owned villas or apartments that are rented out for short periods as holiday accommodation. Generally located in popular holiday destinations around the world, holiday properties offer you the opportunity to experience a different style of holiday to those traditionally offered by hotels and tour packages. 

Rental holidays have become increasingly popular over the last ten years and now account for over 58% of holiday accommodation booked by Europeans (Eurostats) and there is a growing following of people who have ditched hotels and package holidays for good as a result.

Often advertised as holiday apartments or villa rentals, they give you the opportunity to enjoy a home away from home, with all the amenities you have come to expect from your own home.  Ranging from a beachfront studio apartment that sleeps two, to large mansion styled villas set in the rolling countryside and accommodating groups of sometimes 15 or more. There is now a wide variety of holiday properties being advertised for rental. 

The origins of holiday rentals comes from those who purchased a 2nd home overseas for their own personal use, and either choose to share this experience with others, or opted to rent their holiday property out so as to generate an additional income, perhaps to cover the running costs of owning the property.

Owners who have bought holiday properties will have selected their property based on the qualities of its location and the holiday experience or tourism facilities available in the local area. This is why they make excellent holiday accommodation for you to rent as you can be assured you will receive everything you expect from the location, just as you would from booking a hotel as your holiday accommodation in the same area. 

However as these holiday properties are owned by individuals, you must keep in mind that what one person seeks from their holiday accommodation could be completely different to another. Hence such as wide selection of rental apartments and villas are now available. 

If you are looking for a beach holiday you would be wise to avoid a villa rental set in the countryside as this could be anything from 30 minutes to several hours from the nearest beach. Equally if you are planning a tranquil holiday then you wouldn’t want to book a rental apartment in a busy or lively holiday resort or city. 

Yet the best thing about holiday rentals is that the owners will willing share with you all the benefits that are on offer to you in you chose their holiday accommodation and are unlikely to withhold information on things such as distances to amenities and beaches as this would result in them receiving complaints that they would need to resolve.

Normally managed by the owners themselves or a agent acting on the owners behalf, means that you are not lost within a huge corporation and various third parties and can generally speaking quickly and directly to the person responsible for the holiday accommodation, allowing you piece of mind.  The other great thing about rental properties is that a lot of business is driving by reviews from others who have previously used them meaning you will likely find some very honest information available on all rental holidays. All of this added up to ensure you receive the very best holiday accommodation and an excellent holiday experience. 

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