Monday, 24 June 2013

Booking a City Break: What Accommodation is best?

Rent an apartment for a city break
By Keely Capel

If you’re planning a city break and want a change to the normal city centre hotels, then a city rental is an ideal option.

Depending on how you plan on spending your time on your city break will play a major factor in which type of rental accommodation you will end up choosing.  You may want to be in the thick of it, with the bustling street life at your doorstep, shops, restaurants and nightlife all within a few hundred yard. However not everyone wants to be in the midst of the mayhem most cities thrive on, for some being able to step out of the madness at the end of the day and relax and unwind is key to the enjoyment of a city break.

Rental holidays in some of the world’s biggest and best cities can offer you a great variety and ensure whether you choose the mid-town city apartment or suburban townhouse rental, that you’re left feeling like you have a home from home.

Often when people look to take a city break their thoughts will be on finding a good hotel, however city centre hotels can often be poky and expensive. With a city apartment you can still be in some of the best locations in the city, except when you come back at the end of the day you’ll have space to really enjoy.

For those who want to enjoy every minute in their choose city, then a city apartment is the perfect choice. City apartments are often found in areas that are central to all the important activities you will want to enjoy and in many instances you’ll find you are better positioned to enjoy all the aspects of the city than if you booked a hotel.  They will be located not only where the locals want to live but also where the big hotel chains wished they could construct a hotel. City apartments may offer you proximity to the amenities, breath taking city views and all important transport connections.

However if these all sound a little too hectic for you, then you should consider a holiday rental property located on the outskirt of town. Here you will likely find more space and freedom, often in a suburban area which will offer great transport links in and out of the city. If you are planning a city break as a family then this would be ideal, as you will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city but without having to worry about late night noise disturbing you or the kids. Often with a city rental like this you will find some great parks or recreational facilities nearby that you can also enjoy in hitting the centre that day doesn’t take your fancy.

 The cost of a city rental can also work out very cheap in comparison to hotels, especially when travelling as a group or family, as you would often find that you require more than one hotel room to accommodate you all, where as a city apartment or rental property will allow you to all enjoy once another’s company whilst giving you all some space. Additionally the price is often less than the two plus hotel rooms you may have had to book.

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