Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Find the Perfect Holiday Rental

By Keely Capel

Holiday requirements vary from person to person and family to family, however whether you are looking for a week of relaxation in the sun, an active adventure or a cultural experience, your holiday property itself will play a major part of your rental holiday.
One of the key things to focus on when booking your holiday rental is location; research the exact locations of the holiday properties you are looking at. Online descriptions and photos are the place to start but they may not tell you everything you need to know about what surrounds the rental properties. Try researching the area using Google and Google maps, if possible speak to the holiday rental owner or as a minimum the company advertising the holiday properties to get a better sense of what amenities are within reach and whether you will be walking distance from things like the town centre or beach. 

Also find out what neighbours the holiday properties, are they next to others or set alone, this can play a factor in the enjoyment of your time spent there, as you don’t want to be surrounded by noisy children if you are trying to have a romantic break, but equally you don’t want to have to tell your kids to keep it down every five minutes if you’re on a family summer holiday.
Take time to check the size of holiday properties and how many people they sleep, will everyone have a proper bed and bedroom or will you end up with someone sleeping on a sofa bed in the middle of the lounge? If you are travelling with children, are there rooms close enough together for young ones or far enough apart for teenagers to have their own space. Also check things like access, if you have buggy’s or a wheelchair you don’t want to be struggling with hundreds of steps up to the holiday rental.
If you are a family you may prefer to be located on a complex where there are others, that may offer onsite facilities and activities, so that the children can go out and play whilst the parents relax, or you may be looking for a large stand-alone villa where the entire family can stay and just splodge out. If you are a group of friends you may enjoy the downtime together sharing the costs and the catering can make a large villa a cost effect solution. But if you have active or sun bunnies amongst you and what to take advantage of the beach and watersports, you could find you are too far out from these for those members of the group to wonder out and explore alone.
You also need to take in to consideration the costs, is the price advertised all you need to pay or are you going to be finding yourself paying out of additional extras along the way? Whilst most rental holidays in Europe will include the cost of linen into the overall price; not all do. Make sure you haven’t got to pay supplements for bedding, air conditioning or pool heating and if you do, know how much before you book and add thes into your rental cost to be sure they come within budget.  Also think about travel costs, can you fly or drive directly to your holiday rental or will you need to hire a car once there, will you have to pay daily for a taxi to get you to and from the nearest resort. These are all factors you should consider if you want to ensure you find your prefect rental holiday.
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