Monday, 10 June 2013

Steps to Booking Holiday Rentals Successfully

How to take the stress out of your holiday rental booking

Once clients know the advantages of renting a private home, you'd be hard-pressed to convince them to put their family of four back into a hotel room.

First, there's convenience. Multiple bedrooms plus a family room equals a better night's sleep, and plenty of breathing room. Then there's price, many clients find it's cheaper to rent a two-bedroom home than pay for two hotel rooms and, even if you only eat breakfast in, you save money by having a kitchen. Don't overlook the little details that make your stay easier as well, like having 24 glasses on hand instead of four, bath towels bigger than wash cloths and  puzzles on hand for rainy days.

To get the best accommodation for you and make your holiday booking successful use this handy checklist
Before you book, don't pay a penny until you confirm the following:  How to contact the owner, how and when payments are due, how and when to check in and out, how and when your safety deposit will be refunded, cancellation policy, ask if there are additional fees, such as for bringing a pet, using the pool, or cleaning and if you have young children, ask whether the property has anything that might pose a safety threat to them. 

Don't pack what you won't need. Ask if there is there a DVD player and what movies are on hand. Are there board games, beach towels or buckets and spades for the beach ad where can you find them.

Who should you contact if there's a problem with the property, is there a local contact for back-up? Is there mobile phone reception and Internet access? 

Take advantage of the owner's local knowledge. Ask for recommendations  for great restaurants and coffee shops. Favored supermarkets, not-to-be-missed scenic and recreational spots, hiking trails and golf courses. Non-tourist or off-the-beaten path activities and any other inside scoop the owner might share to help your family make the most of your time away. 

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