Monday, 3 June 2013

The Best Excuses Given for Holiday Cancellations

By Keely Capel
“I’m sorry sir, you want to cancel your holiday because ….”

We’ve all made up excuses from time to time when we’ve forgotten to do something, don’t want to do something or want to get out of doing something. From the age old “dog ate my homework” line at school to over-exaggerated coughing down the phone when you call into work saying your just too ill to go in we’ve all done it. 

It happens, people commit to things and then sometimes want to get out of them, but you would have thought that holidays would be one area in life that people make excuses up to go on, not get out of! Well, in these cases you’re wrong, here is a selection of real excuses given by people who want to get out of going on holiday and their holiday cancellation excuses. To give credit where credits due, there are no dog’s or coughs to be found!

One customer enquired as to whether it would be possible to move the date of her holiday, regardless of any charges, due to the fact that she had not lost all the weight she had planned to before going away. She wanted to postpone her break for three months to give herself more time to get her ‘bikini body’.

A gentleman wanted to cancel his holiday to France as he claimed to have developed a fear of his destination. He said that he had a dream that he became ‘too French’ after visiting there on holiday, and he didn’t want to become French, so he didn’t want to go - Sacré bleu!

Now, I can relate to this one – one lady wanted to move the date of her summer holiday, which she was supposed to be taking in September, as she was worried about missing the start of the first Big Brother series on Channel 5 which she had been ‘eagerly anticipating’.

Finally, one female customer called to see if she could cancel her holiday without a charge, due to the fact she had found a ‘really good fake tan’ and no longer needed to go abroad to sunbathe.

Most customers have genuine, valid reasons for cancelling or postponing their holidays, but from time to time a few get thrown into the mix which make us smile with their creativity and pure ridiculousness – I bet these clients as children never used the “dog ate my homework” excuse, I’m sure theirs would have been far more creative!