Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What type of holiday rentals will you find in a holiday auction?

By Keely Capel
Booking a holiday rental is not a new idea, it’s something that many people have been doing for years. Booking your break through a travel auction is also nothing new, has been offering holidays in auctions since the 80’s.

However booking a holiday rental in a holiday auction is fairly unique and whilst it has grown in popularity over recent years many people still wonder as to what type of holiday rental they may be able to secure in a holiday auction and if indeed they will still get the same level of quality and value for money as when a booking holiday properties in the more traditional methods.

So today we thought we would give you an insight in to what types of holiday rentals you can secure in a holiday auctions, what holiday dates are offers and whether booking in a holiday auction will give you more money for your pound. Below is a selection of holiday rentals that we have featured available to book in recent weeks:

Apartment rental in Spain

Santa Margarita, Costa Brava  
2 Bedroom Apartment 
29th June-06th July 2013

Bid on a holiday rental in Italy

 Sorrento, Italy
Rustic 1 Bedroom 
20th-27th September 2014

Book a holiday rental in Greece

Crete, Greece
2 Bedroom villa 
28th September- 5th October 
Book a holiday property in Florida

Key Largo, Florida, USA
2 Bedroom Apartment 
17th -24th August 2013 
Book a rental property in Egypt£682

Red Sea, Egypt
2 Bedroom Apartment 
29th June - 06th July

If you like what you have seen above, then we have plenty more holiday rentals available in holiday auction. We offer holiday properties worldwide to ensure you find your perfect accommodation, so please visit our website now.