Friday, 21 June 2013

Where in the World to book a holiday rental

By Keely Capel

Holiday Rentals are still a new concept to many, although in existence now for over a decade there are still many people who have yet to experience holidaying in rental properties. Or perhaps you have?

I know many people who have taken a holiday in a privately booked apartment or villa in Spain but who do not know or realise that holiday rentals are now the world over.  Which has compelled me to write today’s article as I do not believe holiday properties get the coverage they need or deserve. I often find when talking to people about rental holidays that many are surprised to find just all the different destinations you can experience in private holiday accommodation.

So whilst areas in mainland Europe such as Spain, Portugal, Greece or Germany may be well known. There are sure to be several locations that may surprise you.

How about one of the smallest countries in the world; Luxembourg?  As the only remaining Grand Duchy, is offers a unique blend of bustle and beauty. With its fairy-tale castles, it is also one of the richest countries in the world and renting a holiday home here will guarantee an absolutely amazing trip for all.

Or perhaps Slovakia may appeal to you. Buried deep within central Europe it is steeped with history and heritage and offers amazing countryside in which to explore, meaning it caters for many whether seeking a city break or a country escape.

Perhaps you wish to wonder further afield and explore long haul destinations.

Then maybe you’d like to rent a beach hut in Thailand or an island villa in Sri Lanka or maybe just an entire private ideal in Fiji?

Each year the world is becoming a smaller place and airlines make it easier to travel. If you have a destination in mind then I am confident of guaranteeing to you that there will be holiday properties available to rent.

Having literally scraped but a small surface on the variety of holiday rental destinations, I know feel compelled to expand on this post over the coming months, in the hope of giving people some inspiration on where in the world to book their next holiday rental. So please check back for more.

However in the meantime, please feel free to check our holiday destination guides for more inspiring ideas on where you book a holiday rental