Monday, 1 July 2013

Holidays Rentals; what you need to know to be prepared.

By Keely Capel

As anyone who was ever a scout will remember their motto was to always “be prepared”.  Whilst this lesson has been taught to many from a very young age; in the rush of everyday life we can often forget to apply the principle, especially when to comes to our holidays.

When it comes to holiday rentals, these self organised trips can often present their own unique set of problems.  Remembering all the little details can often provide a challenge when you are individually booking each and every element separately yourself.

So what do you need to be prepared for when booking a holiday rental?

1.    Choose your holiday rental destination carefully and research it well. Make sure you understand what facilities will be available to you, whether you are going to require any vaccinations and if there are any issues you should be aware off.

2.    If you are considering booking a holiday rental in certain exotic destinations then it is always advisable to monitor the news and political affairs for any developments. The foreign office will issue alerts and advise on whether they feel it safe for people to travel to certain destinations, so it may be worth visiting their website:

3.    Most holiday rentals booked from the UK tend not to be to remote destinations, however that doesn’t mean you should ignore the advice above as currently a number of countries closer to home are experiencing turmoil.

Putting the above aside and assuming you have researched your chosen holiday rental destination; there are still a number of things your need to prepare for when booking a holiday rent independently.

Flights – Holiday rentals provide accommodation but you will need to arrange your own transportation to your holiday rental destination, this in many cases will involve a flight. When you have found and booked the flights that match with your holiday property availability, don’t forget:

1.    Hand Luggage is restricted, make sure you know the size and weight accepted by your airline (especially if choosing a lost cost carrier)

2.    Passport and visa, you need to make sure you have the relevant documents to allow you to gain access into your holiday rental destination, that these are valid for the right period of time and that the children have their own passports.

Travel Itineraries – Whether you are arriving by train, plane or automobile make sure you take time to research the option most suitable for you, this will help you find the best price and times that match your holiday rental booking. If travelling by car, plan your route allowing for stops, delays and journey time. If by train or plane, make sure you know your embarkation point and departure time and allow for enough time to arrive to the station or airport so that you are not rushed.

Before you leave – make sure you have a checklist to ensure nothing is left behind. Check that you have your travel documents, id’s, credit card and currency, any prescription medication and don’t forget your holiday rental confirmation just in case you need it when you arrive.

Ensure you have packed everything you and your family will want and need for your trip and use the internet to research your holiday destination so you know where to obtain any item you might leave behind.
If you prepare several checklists for each segment of your holiday you will find this will assist you in feeling properly prepared and will put you at rest that you have done everything you need to, allowing you to take a nice deep breath, relax and enjoy your holiday!