Monday, 29 July 2013

How to Find a Last Minute Travel Deal

By Keely Capel

The travel industry is a worldwide and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Whilst it took at hit with the crisis of 2008 it has already began to bounce back. So whilst the large majority of holiday availability it sold, each week there is unsold holidays, plane seats and accommodation that sits empty.

If you are a savvy traveller who wants to find a last minute travel deal, then it is this unsold availability that you should be focusing on. But how do I find a last minute travel deal I hear you ask?

Firstly you need to be prepared. Be available to travel at short notice and perhaps even have you bags packed ready so you can leave within a matter of hours. Secondly you need to keep you eyes open!

Whilst the really exceptional travel deals come at the very last minutes, you may have to look harder to actually find them. The best place to start if you decide on what type of travel deal you are actually looking for.

There are so many sectors within the travel industry from cruises to ski and spa breaks that having some idea of what you would like to experience will allow you to eliminate the chatter and focus in on the theme that is most appealing to you.

Next establish your budget. If you don't know how much you have or want to spend, you may get caught up in the excitement of it all and end up lost and confused. Or worse; spending more than if you had booked a conventional holiday several months out.

Start with checking local travel agents and tour operators to see if they have received any cancellations. Often they will wish to resell these as quickly as possible and this will present you with the opportunity to make a saving on the price and perhaps even waiver any fees.

Get online and search out communities and travel companies who focus on and offer last minute travel deals and cancellations holidays.  It may be the trip is schedule to take place within 72 hours but if you are on standby and ready, there is no reason for you to miss out.

Be flexible with you what you expect and open to accepting the unexpected. This will really open up huge opportunities to you in the last minute travel sector and you may find you try something new that you would never have considered previously.

Track changes, if you are a few weeks to play with it, begin watching what is being offered in advance. Look at the prices that the flights, accommodation or holiday package are being booked at ahead of when you plan to travel. This will give you a good indication of what price to expect with you come to book your own.

Check back daily, hourly or more often if you can. Things can change in the blink of an eye and if your not watching you could miss out. Many last minute travel companies, will allow you to set up notifications for any changes so you get them directly into you inbox. If they do make sure you sign up.

If you want to try packaging your trip yourself you may find you can also cut on costs, use a flight monitoring service like which will allow you to monitor flights to a variety of destinations and will keep you informed on the prices increasing or decreasing. They even provide you with a percentage rate on how like it is the price will change. Then use a service likes ours, which will allow you find the accommodation in the same location and place a bid on it. You can then predetermine the price and calculate if the two elements combined will come within your budget. If you use services like this you don't have to be limited to one flight or property, you can watch monitor and participate in several different locations or a handful of holiday properties in the same location to ensure you don't miss out and get the best last minute travel deal.